Halo 5's Forge Mode Won't Be Available At Launch

343 Industries has unveiled Halo 5's new Forge mode. The team has been focusing on accessibility, essentially making it easier to create maps quickly and efficiently. But it won't be available when the game launches on October 27.

Instead 343 is planning to release Forge in December, as part of a free update.

The new Forge mode will release in December,"" explained Josh Holmes, in a blog post, "just in time for the holiday break. From there, we’ll be running Forge as an ongoing (free) service for Halo 5, taking feedback from the community and delivering new features and content on an ongoing basis."

In an attempt to cushion the blow, 343 Industries has been going Forge nuts, showing off its new functionality. It all looks impressive. 343 Industries invited a team of expert forge creators to test run the service, taking their feedback, and the results seem ideal. In a strange way I'd prefer Forge mode to be catered to expert creators because I don't see myself necessarily using Forge, but I do enjoy the fruits of its labour. Forge maps are often some of the best maps.

It seems as though 343 sees Forge as a constantly evolving platform. This feels like the right move. Everything I've heard about Halo 5 and its development points the game as being more like a service ala League of Legends or Dota. Seems like the right move for a game with such a powerful base community.


    Who else remembers when games released as a complete product?

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