Halo 5's Launch Trailer Doesn't Stop Moving For A Single Second

Seriously. In this video game I can only assume that people are running all of the time. And they never stop running.

The run when they shoot people. They run when they're talking about stuff. They run when they're eating breakfast, they run when they're making breakfast. All the time running.

I assume.

Also — I feel like Halo 5's story is definitely heading in Metal Gear Solid 5 directions: in that I'm going to have no goddamn idea what is happening despite the fact I am a fan and have played all of the video games.

But that's okay. People are running and that cool Muse song is playing in the background. Everything's gonna be alright.


    Love Halo. Love Muse.
    That was pretty much the best trailer I could have ever hoped for.

    I read somewhere else that this is the second game to use a Muse song this year. Anyone know the other?

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      Just had a quick google... The TV spot for Arkham Knight featured 'Mercy' from their new album Drones.

      edit: Sean beat me to it.

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    Trailer looks pretty good...kinda makes me want Halo 5. Too bad I stopped after Halo 3, and I didn't even bother to buy that, just borrowed it long enough to play the horrible campaign.

      Did you try Halo 4? I thought it had the best campaign of the series in terms of story. Reach is my second favourite but I find it a bit too depressing.

        Nah,...don't think I've ever even seen Halo 4.

        Maybe I'll pick it up if I see it in the bargain bin someday.

          Halo master collection (1,2,3,4 + ODST) - xbox one for $49 at EB.

            I don't have an Xbone and will likely never buy one. The 360 will probably be my last console and I didn't play that much compared to my PC anyway. The console exclusives just aren't good enough anymore to justify purchasing a console.

    I secretly hope they put that song in the campaign somewhere, during a climactic fight. Imagine how nuts that would be.

      Nah, they need 'Unsilent Death' by Nails

    Looks really cool! Will definitely pick it up for Christmas.

    I've been replaying Halo 4 lately, and am really enjoying my time with it. I was lukewarm on it at release, but it's really a lot of fun. It's a real looker too, on par or surpassing most of the current gen games. It just looks and sounds incredible. Can't wait for 5!

      Its an unpopular opinion, but its one of my favourite halo games too.

      Yeah, I just played through Halo 4 again via the MCC and I was shocked at how good it looked. I also think it has the best controls of any Halo game to date, so damn tight. On a second play through, and having read some of the novels, the story makes a lot more sense. Halo 5 looks totally boss, can't wait.

    I'm replaying through Halo 4 as I never finished it when it came out. One of my pile of shame. So looking forward to Halo 5 next week.

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