Harvey Norman Is Flogging Some PS3, PS4 And Xbox One Games

It's Christmas time — as far as retailers are concerned, anyway — and it wouldn't be right if a corporation didn't celebrate the occasion by flogging a bunch of games that couldn't be sold earlier.

Enter Gerry Harvey. He likes selling you things. Today it's mostly Xbox One and PS4 games, although there are some solid PS3 bargains in there.

The deals run until October 27, and there's some reasonable bargains to be had particularly if you skipped some of last year's major releases. To make life simple for everyone, I'm going to break it down per console and I'll bold the sales which I think should really catch your eye, although every listing is a link you can follow to the online store. Let's start with Team Green.

Xbox One

Dragon Age Inquisition ($38) Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag ($20) Watch Dogs ($35) Assassin's Creed: Unity ($37) Thief ($24) Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor ($44) Alien Isolation ($25) NBA 2K15 ($20) Borderlands: The Handsome Collection ($66) Dead Rising 3 ($18)

Borderlands: Handsome Collection is almost full price but if you're someone who loves the split-screen, couch co-op experience of Borderlands it's not a bad asking price against the amount of content you're getting.

I almost feel bad including Thief in that list, although at $24 the dollar-to-game ratio isn't too bad. And if you haven't jumped on DA:I or Alien Isolation yet, now is definitely the time. Dead Rising 3's at a tasty price.

If you want to check the rest of the list for XB1, you can find it here. Now it's time for Sony.


Killzone: Shadow Fall ($24) Assassin's Creed: Unity ($37) The Order: 1886 ($24) Far Cry 4: Limited Edition ($48) Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor ($44)

Nothing particularly special here, although what's available is worth playing. Here's the rest of the list.


Who's still after games for their PS3? If you are, you can find plenty of value — albeit from a pretty small selection.

God of War 3: Essentials ($5) NBA 2K15 ($20) GTA 5 ($38)

I don't really like GTA 5 for that price on an old console, but if the PS3 is all you have access to then I guess you take what you can get. It's also worth noting that there are no deals for PC or the PS Vita, in case you were wondering.


    I got Dead Rising 3 on Xbone from Harvey Norman a few weeks ago for $15 :\

      and I'm sure it was $10 online yesterday.. I was 'regretting' buying it for $20 from DSE before they folded.

      EDIT: and it IS $10 now.. so Alex, where are you making your prices up from?

      Last edited 09/01/16 1:00 am

    Nice price for The Order, I just ordered it :)

    Is that Tara Reid? What an odd pairing.

      One's a train wreck who used to be A Big Deal and relevant but is now a shell of its former self and the other one was in American Pie.

      She was flown over to PR some cattle auctions... it was during that stage where she was still a complete train wreck but no one was talking about it yet.

    I think Big W had the majority of these cheaper when I checked on the weekend

    As is usually the case, I already own the few that interest me :-/

    Enter Gerry Harvey. He likes selling you things.

    No, he doesn't. He likes TRYING to sell me things, he never actually sells me anything :P

    lol these are specials?

    Ebay or cash converters.

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