Harvey Norman Has An Xbox One Deal That’s Kind Of Good

Harvey Norman Has An Xbox One Deal That’s Kind Of Good

Remember this bloke? How could you not. He LOVES the internet, after all. And he particularly loves selling things on the internet.

OK, so maybe I’m being a little cheeky this morning. I really need some coffee. But while I make that, let’s hear Harvey out on something they’re doing with the Xbox One. It’s actually kind of good value.

JB Hi-Fi caught your eye last week when they decided to drop the price of a basic Xbox One (500GB model with one controller) to $399, which was even cheaper than buying a refurbished unit from EB Games. Most bundles at the time were around the $499 price, I found, and some stores still had antiquated listing for more than that.

But that was last week, a time before Sony had officially dropped the price of the PS4. Because of that, I wouldn’t be surprised if we start to see more bundles and offerings around this level. But for now, this 500GB offering for $438, complete with a copy of FIFA 16, is the best around.

FIFA has always been one of those games that convince a lot of consumers to jump to a new console, and given the amount of people who have held off on an Xbox One this might be a good starting point.

But it’s worth noting that JB Hi-Fi’s console-only deal for $399 isn’t that uncompetitive once you add a brand new copy of FIFA 16 to the equation. You’re still saving money from Gerry Harvey’s offer, of course, just not a massive amount.

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see how retailers manoeuvre Team Green’s consoles off their shelves in the weeks prior to Christmas. Anyone want to make some bets in the comments?


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