Help Create A Video Game Character At PAX Australia

Imagine you had three character creation experts. People who could create concept art, do the modelling and then animate a video game character.

Now imagine they were at your disposal. Imagine they had to do your bidding and create the video game character of your dreams.

Now stop imagining. This is a reality.

Here is the deal. At PAX Australia this year CG Spectrum has a booth. At that booth is:

— Brandon Reimchen, a concept artist who worked on Prototype. — Francisco Alvarez and Katerina Dzolganovski who worked on Darksiders, Game of Thrones and many other cool things. — Simon Warwick who worked on Batman Arkham City.

These four people want to make a video game character over the course of PAX Australia, but here's the interesting part: we get to choose what they design.

It works like this: in the comments below we need a two sentence description of a character. You have to invent that. From that we will choose a top three. We will then present that top three to the CG Spectrum team and they will chose one character idea to work on throughout the course of PAX Australia.

And if you're at the event, you can check in on the progress throughout the three days. The CG Spectrum booth is number 1012.

We'll announce our three favourites this coming Friday and post the final result after PAX Australia.

Drop your suggestions in the comments below!


    Penis man. Sorry, I'm male, and as a male, when given the opportunity to draw or create, 99% of the time it will be a penis. I think it's actually hardwired into us. I'm standing by my choice.

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      Seth: When I was a little kid, I kinda had this problem. And it's not even that big of a deal, something like 8 percent of kids do it. For some reason, I don't know why. I would just kinda... sit around all day... and draw pictures of dicks.
      Evan: What?
      Seth: Draw pictures of dicks.
      Evan: Dicks? Like a man dick?
      Seth: Yes. Like a man dick.
      [while you see Seth when he was a kid]
      Seth: I'd just sit there hours on end drawing dicks. I didn't know what it was. I couldn't touch the pen to the paper without drawing the shape of a penis.


    I was going to say that Game of Thrones game was TERRIBLE.

    I want to see an old man who is obsessed with necromancy. But only focusing on rats (for the companionship).

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    I am large and imposing, new and futuristic yet weathered and as I evolve I can carry more and more detachable and destructible 'bolt on' enhancements, My limbs are few, but thick and muscular and can be augmented by various mechanical and organic widgets (such as weaponry, shields and mobility devices) all which assist me in resisting and taming the savage alien onslaught via sheer brute force.

    The Mighty Towering French Pirate Cook 'Le Chew' and his ever present shoulder clinging, French-translating, silver wear lobbing cabin boy 'Escargot'.

    Basically a no-handed (literally has no hands) brutishly large brooding French Man with two interchangeable 'swiss-hook' (all variations on common kitchen utensils) hands that talks primarily via his happy go lucky cabin boy who is generally seen clinging onto his back for dear life as Le Chew chases the next big delicacy.

    Yeah, I actually thought about something plausible for once in my life.

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    Female, humanoid, part cyborg. Hunted but still human.

    A woman who knows she is the reincarnation of Jesus (or any god) but no one believes her no matter how hard she tries and the miracles she performs are never quite convincing enough to gain her any followers. Miracles like removing the sweat stains from your favorite shirt or making another slice of pizza appear (but its mostly crust and slightly burnt).

    There once lived a creature called the Krob that walked atop spindly legs of steel and had three eyes buried within a shock of hair adorning the top of an oversized bean that served as a body. Each day it would stare longingly at the watermelons in its field knowing that it would never be able to pick or taste them for it had never been given arms or a mouth.

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    Armour and a big fucking sword. ;)
    Also female a la the Metroid reveal.

    Someone who's not a white male with brownish hair and permastubble.

    Who, I dunno, fights crime at night and does something else during the day.

      A cleanly shaved asian batman with bleach blonde hair?

    Imagine: Vin Diesel and The Rock enter the mutation chamber from The Fly. The resulting character gains all their individual powers, plus the uncanny ability to sell anything to anyone.

    A person who once went down to the shop for some cornflakes only to unknowingly come back with coco pops instead, unaware of the mistake until they went to eat their breakfast.

    And now they're out for revenge.

    Last edited 20/10/15 5:23 pm

      I would buy that. But everyone knows coco pops beat cornflakes.

        But then the cornflakes come back as Frosties to settle the score. WHO WILL WIN?

        Er... final battle spoilers.

    A narwhal dressed as a human, with a large hat/accessory to hide his horn, infiltrating a castle town to rescue the princess. Kind of like little mermaid with a different sea creature (give him a starfish side-kick if you like disguised as a sheriff badge).

    A flesh golem who is wearing a set of ill-fitting and worn ecclesiastical robes that once belonged to his master.
    He tries to continue his late master's charity work wandering village to village, but being 8 feet tall, essentially a patchwork of people and not being able to emote naturally (he tries really hard, but it frightens more than reassures) makes it hard to approach the people who would benefit from his help the most.

    I'm thinking a chubby sheriff, white skin, many chins, four foot tall, holding a whiskey bottle and a two barreled shotgun over shoulder. Wearing a vest, small feet, large prominent badge, mouse tail (human scale) and buck teeth like a rabbit.

    A thin shy robot with a dark past. Who is proficient with guns and knives.

    Captain BanHammer, a strong and pretty blonde haired blue eyed idiot of a man. Carrying a huge hammer and draped in silver armour encrusted with jewels, expensive silk and an IQ of a dog.

    Woman suffering from self induced insomnia due to robotic attachment that takes over her and makes her go berserk when she falls asleep or falls unconscious.

    Always seen wearing the lab coat of her dead partner whom she accidentally killed on one of her rampages.

    20 something white guy with short hair stubble optional. Gravely voice with all the personality of a potato.

    Mattie the wombat just loved making folks laugh, which is why she always dressed as a clown. With her faithful pink-tutu-wearing sidekick Baz the kangaroo, they traveled the country putting smiles on everyone's faces.

    A dark void, intelligent, god-like being that was just a blob floating in space, has morphed into a human male figure, but can still take on any form.

    His body texture is like a reflection of space, everyone sees a different galaxy from their perspective.

    A silently screaming child being dragged away into a swirling blue/black mass by a single, sweaty appendage. Their face, is a plaster painting of ever growing horror, while a small spark is formulating at their core, spewing forth machinations that deride an uncertainty: are they there to protect or may consume....

    A 4 armed Luchador, his red mask adorned with gold around the eyes and split open to show his jaw. He wears a cheap 3 piece black suit ( a vest with no shirt underneath ), jacket sleeves rolled up, his forearms reveal tattoos of flowers and his chest to his neck show an aztec style bird, his hands are wrapped in preparation for a fight.

    A young female pre-school teacher in a post-apocalyptic zombie (or the such ) wasteland. Dead, weary eyes. She couldn't save the kids, but she still can make the killers pay. Wields a reinforced school-crossing sign as a makeshift battle-axe.

    A half-organic, half-robotic sentient boab tree with a penchant for explosives, bar fighting and cigars. He wields a large RPG crafted from a gnarled tree-trunk and is often seen with a bottle shaped paper bag in his other hand; refuses to remove an old military commanders hat which he uses to ineffectually cover his 'feminine foliage'.

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