Here Are 328 Of The Changes In The Witcher 3's Next Patch

Here Are 328 Of The Changes In The Witcher 3's Next Patch

This morning, Witcher 3 developer CD Projekt Red sent over a PDF full of changes that will ship with the game's next patch. It's 13 pages long.

Behold, patch 1.10, which a rep for CD Projekt Red says will launch within the next few days. (They don't have an official date yet.) The patch will come with 600+ changes, they say. Here are 328 of them:


    So this will be another small patch? lol.

    Actually some good points there that I have come across. I've finished my first play through so will wait for this patch to land before I hit up a new game.

    And the Skellige Most Wanted has still not been fixed...bugga.

      First thing I looked for apart from the soldier statuette quest. I am somewhat disappointed.

        Are you guys playing on PC? The fix has been uninstalling that particular DLC and reinstalling it. It seems to have worked - I was able to complete that quest last week with no glitches.

    I really need to get on with this game and finish...

    Fixes performance issues near the Cave of Dreams in Skellige.

    Out of all of that, this is the only thing I think I've actually seen.

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