Assassin's Creed Syndicate's First Patches

Briefly: Here are the patch notes for Assassin's Creed Syndicate's first two patches, both available for download as soon as you get the game. Capped from a PS4.

For the record our reviewer had no major performance issues with his version of the game, which we believe was running with at least the first patch (the one lower on this list).


    Hm, maybe they should finish the game before selling it.

      Shareholders need a product out now, not when it's done. You have got to hit the right amount of sales before we enter the next quarter.

      As we move towards a digital distribution world, a day 0 patch _is_ finishing the game before selling it. Prior to the ability to patch games on consoles, the real rule was "finish the game several weeks before selling it" to give enough time to produce physical copies.

      For better or worse, it seems both Sony and Microsoft are happy to accept builds that wouldn't have passed QA 5 years ago on the promise that it will be finished before release now.

    Releasing a finished product is obviously the preferred direction, but at least it looks like they spent the print and distribution period testing like a bitch.

    Simple stop pre-ordering and stop buying full price day one
    The only thing big companies will listen too is there bottom line revenue

    The game is pretty polished, I have had a couple instances where the target I was meant to kidnap or kill went into a stiff animation and I couldn't do anything to it resulting in a reload the last checkpoint. I also got a weird desync for a carriage being destroyed just as I spawned in on the mission after failing. I also have an issue where when I turn on my ps4 and click the tile to play it says I can't and I need to check for scratches or finger print marks, so I take it out and check, perfect, then put it back in and it plays. Never done it before so I don't know if it's the game or my ps4 is biting the bullet, I have had the auto eject problem plague my ps4!

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