Here Is A Montage Of People Pretending To Be Into VR At The PlayStation Conference

Here Is A Montage Of People Pretending To Be Into VR At The PlayStation Conference

Video: Edited by Kotaku's Chris Person, here is a supercut of VR faces from today's PlayStation 4 conference at Paris Games Week.

These shots were part of a handful of gameplay trailers and sizzle reels released by Sony today. We took out the gameplay, of course. Enjoy.


    I'm pleased they still show the tethering cable.

      From the live demos though I have seen more of a bunch of cables - Im hoping it is as simple as displayed here with just one long HDMI or USB3 or whatever it will be

        It's one cable (proprietary HDMI + USB) running from the HMD to the "Processing Unit (PU)". But the catch is your Head Phones.

        When they do demo rooms they won't do wireless headsets because of cross talk issues. If you are looking at buying Playstation VR, I would recommend a wireless headset.

        But I really like the way Oculus did it. Where they included removable speakers. Sony can still learn a thing or two from them if it's not too late.

        I think the final spec of PlayStation VR has a 3.5mm jack on the device, but the HMD seems to lack a convenient assembly point for even third party speakers.

        My major concerns are;

        Is the cable detachable? Replaceable? Rugged? Light? Loose (God help us)? How does it store when not in use? etc. I hope Sony is doing or at least planning some closed beta launches of the device to test it in the real world before going into full scale manufacturing.

        I don't think the feedback they get from developers alone will suffice.

        For example please show us someone finding and putting their headphones on after putting the HMD on. Do they not see how clumsy this is?

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          I have a pair of Turtle Beaches but i have a feeling they will be a bit in the way!

          All valid points you raise - i have a good pair of bluetooth ear plugs that I'd love to use with something like this as they are completely out of the way but the PS4 wont pair with them!!!!

          It would be great to have a camera in the front, not just for head tracking and stuff like the oculus is using but to actually use it as a camera to create a sort of "navigation" mode for when you are in between games or whatever... Rig stays on but you can see your beer to have a sip for example - This would absolutely sell it for me!

            Very cool idea. Being able to map the room/walls and furniture as well as HMD position can give Valve and Sony a small to medium advantage over Oculus but only if they use it.

            I saw Valve doing something where the real world would blend in, whenever you stepped out of tracking range. But the Valve HMD has a built in Camera on it (I think).

            But it would be nice to have the Tea table in front of the couch to show up as an obstacle before you shin it.

            As for earphones, I think I'm gonna go with this,


            I know it's not wireless, but if I could plug it into the HMD, I think I'll be alright somehow. But the noise-cancelling is really nice, because I will definitely have the AC going.

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              Yeah thats fair - I like the PS4 headphones but I recently picked up a pair of these:
              I'm so surprised by the sound quality and there is no noise cancelling advertised but something about the design of the buds they just get right in there - most rear buds usually fall out but these feel so snug it blocks most of the ambient sound anyway!

              I think thats the way to go with a rig like this though - use good quality ear buds and keep them out of the way

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