Here Is A Silly Sex Scene That Happens In The Witcher 3 Expansion

Here Is A Silly Sex Scene That Happens In The Witcher 3 Expansion

And now for a ridiculous moment you can experience within the new Witcher 3 expansion, Hearts of Stone.

NSFW spoilers below!

Hearts of Stone isn't just about defeating powerful monsters or stopping an immortal bandit captain. There's romance, too! It is a Witcher game, after all.

If you play your cards right in the DLC, you can sleep with an old flame, Shani the red-haired medic. Here's what makes this sex scene interesting, though. There's the normal version of the scene, where Geralt and Shani have a romantic evening under the moonlight. You can watch that below:

[Source: Naughty Gaming]

And then there's THIS version of the sex scene, where Shani has a little too much to drink. Skip to about 2:25 if you're short on time:

[Source: GameSpot], CD Projekt Red. That's almost too real. Still, though. I kiiiiind of wish it were Geralt who throws up mid-sex — but this is pretty good, too.


    Things were so much more realistic in the Atari800/C64 days:

      scary...I think I remember that one... :O

      mind you, after watching the above footage I've now got the urge to become a motion capture model :)

    Lore basically it makes it impossible for Geralt to be the one throwing up from booze.
    When you chug potions that kill most humans, Booze just doesn't upset the tummy like it does for other people.

      You never know man!! Some medication and alcohol don't mix ^_^

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