MGS V's Wandering Mother Base Soldiers Will Recognise You If You're In A Box

Hilariously, Metal Gear Solid V's wandering Mother Base soldiers will actually recognise you if you're in a box! This, along with other rumours are tested in DefendTheHouse's latest mythbusting video.


    Oh man. At first I thought that just meant they could see through the box, but that is so much better. I've still got one left to get, I gotta try that.

      If you haven't already, you can play the Love Deterrence track out loud on your iDroid (you need to upgrade the idroid to have a speaker), and they come running to you

    one of them was a wasted myth, with the fast travel as it was mentioned in on of the preview videos and is even mentioned in the game
    and as small nitpick, why go with John cena instead of Macho Man who used the flying elbow drop as a finisher... plus he had better theme music too

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