Holy Crap, Trails In The Sky: SC Comes Out Next Week

Holy Crap, Trails in the Sky: SC Comes Out Next Week

Yesterday, the publisher XSEED tweeted a picture of pigs flying. Today it's clear why: Trails in the Sky SC is actually coming out. NEXT WEEK. On October 29.

XSEED announced the news in a press release today, specifying that the game will cost $US30 on both PC and PSP. Also: "A release on the European PS Store will follow closely behind this North American debut, with more details to be shared shortly."

It's been four and a half years since XSEED released the first chapter of Trails in the Sky — an excellent RPG that ends on a tantalising cliffhanger — and since then, fans have been bugging the publisher non-stop about the second game. It's been a nightmare to publish, for many, many reasons including script size, technical issues, and all sorts of interpersonal drama.

I've been planning a big feature that tells the whole story of Trails SC, so you can expect that at some point soon. For now, all you have to know is that Trails is an excellent game and that the second chapter will be out on PC and PSP (aka: Vita) next week. FINALLY.


    I have $22 in my PSN wallet T_T

    So, it that the PSP or the Vita?

      Released for psp but can be played on vita. There are quite a few games like that on psn

    Ugh.... on one side I am thrilled SC is *finally* coming out..

    On the other whilst I can understand the logistics behind the decisions of DL only. I'm supremely bummed that it's DL only and not even getting a normal physical release. I prefer a majority of my games outside of PC to have a physical release.

    And as an OCD collector I have now an annoying disconnect of having a physical LE for Chapter 1... and nothing to show for SC! xD

    Better than nothing! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!! (And more of it if it ever got a limited/collector's release)

    JRPG of the year? WRPG of the year would be Witcher 3?

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    Trails in the Sky: SC out next week!
    In America...
    Europe shortly after... *sigh*
    Hopefully that means days, not weeks or months as is usually the case.

    "I’ve been planning a big feature that tells the whole story of Trails SC" - I'm hoping this means the story of how the game came to be localised, because otherwise... why the hell would you spoil the story of a game that is just about to come out?

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