How Agility Will Work In Fallout 4

Bethesda has released another one of its S.P.E.C.I.A.L. videos! If I'm doing my counting right, this might be the second last one.

This one focuses on the agility stat.

Again, I'm finding this whole series pretty enlightening. As someone who sort of skipped over Fallout 3, it's useful to get a primer on what all of these stats actually do. Like, I would have had no idea that agility affected my ability to be stealthy had I not watched this video.


    I got a feeling they will release a new stat on top of the standard ones

      But then what will the acronym be?


        Now... you can be:


        KKK all the............oh shit.

        Last edited 15/10/15 11:37 am

    kind of off topic but I ran my laptop through canyourunit for Fallout 4 and it said that my processor isn't good enough but then I looked up the benchmark between the minimum processor suggested and my processor and by all accounts my one is better.

    I can't remember the processor at the moment but if anyone can help me out I will get the processor info later this evening. Everything else was fine so no issue there. Just don't want to buy it for PC when it won't work.

      Being a laptop your processor isn't the same as the desktop version so even though the processor looks like it is above the minimum requirements it isn't due to the minimum requirements referring to desktop versions.

      Saying that, my graphics card is a radeon 5870 which is 2 generations older then the minimum requirements but I have no doubt it will run it fine. As a rule minimum requirements are a safety net for the game so that bethesda don't have to contend with a million and 1 people complaining that the game won't run on their system even though it meets the minimum requirements.

      I would suggest buying it, giving it a go and if it doesn't work for you either refunding it or sell it to a friend.

        Yeah I probably will. If it doesn't work I will just get it for PS4 but would prefer it for computer.

    What's with the subtitles in this video? Can you even English bro?

      You know things are bad when the automatically generated subtitles are doing a better job.

      Sometimes they are auto-generated based on the sound track, which I think is the case here.

      Try it with the ASDF movies for some extra laughs.

    Assaulting an unsuspecting dreamer.
    That part had me in stitches. :D

    So agility will be the stat of choice for all the ninja types then... Agility, Intelligence and Charisma. Win.

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