How Bethesda Is Bringing Fallout 4 To Life

As we move closer to the release of Fallout 4 (and fever pitch) I thought you all might enjoy this: an interesting 20 minute discussion by key members of the Bethesda team, on the mammoth task of bringing Fallout 4 to life.

It's split into two parts for some reason, but is still a compelling watch, especially if you're the type to obsess over every single detail of the game's production.

It's actually not that far until release. Fallout 4 hits Australian stores November 10.


    I don't know how this is going to live up to my expectations but I really hope it does!!!

      How can it not live up to anyone's expectation,, this is gonna be the game of the century... they have only been working on it for 8 years... fall out new vegas was good but fall out 3 was so much better and look at years between those 2 games they have had 8 years to make this game better then every other game and it will be the best game for years to come

      For crying out loud there last game was skyrim and that is pretty much 5 years old and i can still spend hours playing that game. This game is gonna be out of control,, haha lol i will probaly be quiting my job to play this game... fuck Bethesda know how to make a game and it doesnt take thwm thousands of ppl they have a used the same ppl for the last 15 years o just wish it didbt take them 5 years to bring a bew game out

    The hardest part for me so far is deciding whether to get it on PC or PS4. I've been a PC gamer forever (PS4 is my first ever non-Nintendo console) but I just find it so much easier/more enjoyable to sit down with the PS and actually play games. I feel like it will be PS4 and I hope I don't regret it (locked frame rate and control scheme being the only things that worry me a little bit).

      Im not a pc gamer but if I was I'd get it on ps4, at least one day when you feel like doing a second playthrough you can enjoy the upgrade in visuals :)

        Are you saying PS4 graphics are superior ro PC? Intriguing.

          Haha woops it looks that way but no, I meant you could buy the pc version for a second playthrough. Probably a bit pointless and expensive but that's what I'd do

            Oh no probs. I'm a PC gamer but would not say my gpu is high end. My son prefers the XBox but his 360 died recently and I'm mulling whether to juat fix it or look at replacong it (with a XB One). Your post nearly had me considering a PS4....

            What you suggest is what I do, but other way around. I get PC version first then XB version later once price drops.

              True! I would highly recommend the ps4 over the xbox, I had an xbox one for a year then got the ps4. The Ps4 feels more like a successor to the 360 than the Xbox does

                Hey cool. I may investigate the PS4 as i repurposed my media pc and now no longer have a blu ray in the living room.

      Why not just set up Steam to stream to your TV and use a controller?
      Seems like the best of both worlds.

        I have that, but Steam/intrusive DRM is one of the things that I hate about modern PC gaming which got me to switch in the first place.

    Courtney Taylor didn't say a single thing D:
    I wanted to hear what she sounded like since I'm certainly going to be playing a female character. I know, I could Google, but I'm not gonna. Guess I'll have to wait until November 10.

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