How Intelligence Works In Fallout 4

Bethesda's old-timey educational videos for Fallout 4 have been pitch perfect. The latest focuses on 'intelligence', which I'm excited about because these kind of stats are the ones I tend to ignore!

To be honest, these videos have been genuinely educational to me. As someone who only dabbled with Fallout 3 but is super excited for Fallout 4, it's nice to get a decent recap on the stats and how they translate to the actual game.

Seriously, why do RPGs do that? Dark Souls is the worst. "Hey this game is super complicated and has all these mechanics you don't understand yet. CHOOSE YOUR STATISTICS RIGHT NOW WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND NOTHING."

What I'm trying to say is: I appreciate the heads-up.


    What i didnt like about fallout 3 and vegas is that it was essential to max out intelligence at the start to make sure you got as much stat points each time you leveled up. It felt like playing a low intelligence character put you at a disadvantage.

    Im curious if F4 will do that same.

      I agree Decoy, they basically forced you to take max Int.
      I can't find the link, but I'm pretty sure Todd Howard has already said this wasn't going to be the case

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    I wonder if the "navigating with technological ease" shot is an indication that there might be vehicles in Fallout 4. Zipping around the wasteland in a dune buggy would certainly make things fun.

      Well, we know they have verti-birds, perhaps we can "acquire" one for fast travel?

        One of the classic things about fallout has been all the wrecked cars along abandoned highways. I'd love to be able to find one and restore it, possibly by searching other cars for parts. Then, you could cruise the highway, in first person view, with the radio tuned in to your favorite station. How Awesome would that be? :-D. Perhaps a bit too unlikely, but still.

          This was done in Fallout 2. Would be great to see again.

          Links proxied at my work but this should be the one.

            Nice, see I never played the original fallout games. Only got introduced to fallout after seeing the first fallout 3 trailer. thanks for the wikia link :-)

      nah the V.A.N.S perk is basically a new version of skyrim's clairvoyance spell. you can actually get a look at it in the character creation video that went up last week or the week before

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