If You Enjoyed Until Dawn, OXENFREE Might Catch Your Eye

There isn't a great deal of games out there trying to nail the teen thriller/slasher vibe, and the fact that Until Dawn did it so well has resonated with a lot of people.

But come January next year, you'll probably have exhausted all the dialogue choices and totems in Until Dawn. You'll need something new to play. Fortunately, OXENFREE might be just the ticket.

OXENFREE bills itself as a supernatural teen thriller starring Alex, and it's being built by a group of Disney and Telltale Games alumni. The game was announced at GDC earlier this year, but earlier today the studio put out the first footage of the game since the first announcement.

It's got an art style that reminds me of Where The Wild Things Are, and the game is centred on the opening of an ghostly rift while Alex takes her stepbrother Jonas around an island for a night.

OXENFREE is launching on PC and Xbox One in January. There's always been at least one engaging indie in January for the last couple of years (Grow Home this year, Octodad the year before that).


    is this the sequel to Olli Olli?

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