If You've Been Waiting For Another Descent Game, Descent: Underground Is Finally Here

The Kickstarter campaign only just got over the line, but fans who have been holding out for a true Descent sequel finally got their wish. And if you don't mind paying for the ignominy of Early Access, then tomorrow's going to be a good day for you.

Why is that, you might ask? It's because the Steam page for Descent: Underground, which raised $827805 (or US$601,773) in April, is finally live.

Descendent Studios — bit of a pun, that — say the game will remain in Early Access "through the first part of 2016" and that as of tomorrow, you'll be able to enjoy three maps, two guns, three ship types, three missiles, bot combat, offline flying and online multiplayer through a rudimentary matchmaking service.

There's obviously a long way to go between now and release: Descendent are hoping to have full VR and controller support, mod support, player-lead clans and organisations, career progression, singleplayer story missions (how that differs from a traditional campaign is unknown) and "a rich and complex metagame" whereby multiplayer matches have an impact on the general in-game universe.

The devs ran a stress test almost a fortnight ago with some of the game's alpha backers, which gives a pretty good idea of how the game handles. Keep in mind Descent isn't and never was a hardcore flight sim — it was more of a shooter where you happened to be controlling a ship. Think Terminal Velocity, not Elite: Dangerous.

Descent: Underground will become available in Early Access early Friday morning. If you've been wanting to scratch that six degrees of freedom itch, but games like Sublevel Zero didn't quite do it for you, or playing the originals was too problematic in 2015, then this might be worth



    Strap on the VR HMD and get the chuck bucket ready!

    I loved the descent series so I'm hoping they nail this one!

    I wonder how far away the Forsaken remake is?

    Forsaken > Descent.

      You shut your filthy whore mouth.

      /drops pair of blades on pavement, rips open shirt

      Not even close. Forsaken was a pedestrian Descent clone! :p

      I feel you, Forsaken was kick ass.

        Yep, one of the best multiplayer games ever made. The single player was a little lacking, but man that multiplayer was amazing, simple but heavily strategic.

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !

    " Think Terminal Velocity," Hey, if they can remember Terminal Velocity, then they sure as hell played the Descent series. Loved skimming across the surface in TV, and was the first game I bought a joystick for.

    Man I'm so pumped this might actually be the first game where I take the plunge on early access. I'm weak.. Forgive me!

    wait wasnt this the kickstarter that only just managed to get over the line because they were making and MP only descent game?

    Shameless plug:

    Yay =)

    I saw this on my Steam queue yesterday, so darn pumped!

    It's one of my favourite old school FPS games, although i still have to actually finish it, Descent 2 and 3.

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