Minecraft: Story Mode Episode Two Is Out Already

Briefly: In a crazy quick turnaround for Telltale Games, the second episode of Minecraft: Story Mode is available today. It's usually several months in-between episodes! Game of Thrones, for example, had its last episode released in July, and the finale won't arrive until next month.


    It's because I'm on holiday, isn't it? Telltale deliberately released this to annoy me.

      If that's the case then I would be more worried how Telltale got this NSA tech and why they're using it against you.

    Already a better release schedule than Tales from the Borderlands.

    I think telltale should stick to more light hearted games. It seems to fit their writers better

      The Wolf Among Us fans must be gritting their teeth over how bloody long that games chapters took to come out...

    Maybe this is why the final episodes of Telltale's other games felt so delayed?

    So, has anyone in Australia been able to download Ep 2, or has this just been a Nth America/Europe release as yet ...?

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