Minecraft: Story Mode Episode Two Is Out Already

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode Two Is Out Already

Briefly: In a crazy quick turnaround for Telltale Games, the second episode of Minecraft: Story Mode is available today. It’s usually several months in-between episodes! Game of Thrones, for example, had its last episode released in July, and the finale won’t arrive until next month.


    • If that’s the case then I would be more worried how Telltale got this NSA tech and why they’re using it against you.

  • Already a better release schedule than Tales from the Borderlands.

    I think telltale should stick to more light hearted games. It seems to fit their writers better

    • The Wolf Among Us fans must be gritting their teeth over how bloody long that games chapters took to come out…

  • So, has anyone in Australia been able to download Ep 2, or has this just been a Nth America/Europe release as yet …?

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