It’s A Very Good Day For JRPG Fans

It’s A Very Good Day For JRPG Fans

There’s a new PSP game out today. To some people that might come as strange news, but to a certain circle, today has been eagerly anticipated for over four years: The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter (SC) is finally out.

Of course, we don’t know if it’s good. We don’t know if the translation is all screwy, or if the game is full of glitches and save-erasing bugs. All we know is that the second chapter of one of the best RPGs in modern history is finally here, on Steam right now and on the PlayStation Network (for PSP/Vita) whenever the damn store gets updated.

If you’ve never played or even heard of Trails in the Sky, you should know this: It’s a turn-based role-playing game, reminiscent of classics like Suikoden and Grandia, full of charm and personality. It’s very, very good.

You should also know that the first game is on sale for $US10 on Steam. Go play it!


  • Part of me is tempted to buy it (when the EU PSN gets it) because everyone keeps hyping it up but then I remember that I never finished the first one because I lost interest. I’ll probably pick it up if I ever get back into the first game. (I have a habit of finding things dull one day and fascinating the next)

    • Yeah, although I could get it on my US Vita account (I’m assuming the game has no trophies because it is PSP?)

      The first game was 90% fantastic! You must have hit a boring patch. Seriously, the theme song to the first game is so iconic I find myself whistling it at odd times even years after having played it.

  • I still haven’t even STARTED the first one! I bought it on sale thinking I’ll start it when I finish Persona 4 Golden. And I STILL haven’t finished P4G. That’s the problem for handheld gaming for me – as much as I love my Vita, I just don’t actually use it much because I prefer to use the PS4 on the big TV when I’m at home. Vita only really gets used when I’m on holidays which is, sadly, not nearly often enough.

    • You could just play it on PC. The Vita version is supposedly not out until December, although you could play the PSP version until then…

      The end of year crunch is just cruel this year. Dungeon Travelers 2, Tales of Zestria, LoH: Trails in the Sky SC, SOA: Lost Song and Fallout 4 all out in a one month window. Oh, and don’t forget the new Witcher expansion, which I was playing last night when I should have been sleeping…

      At least the PS4 is starting to get some decent JRPGs.

      • I play on my PC even less than I do on my Vita! I need to bite the bullet and just get into the Vita even when I’m at home.

        • Vita means love. Vita means life. Life without Vita is a life without love. Feel it. Need it. Do it.

      • What’s this? I thought the Vita version was just the PSP version. Are you not thinking of Trails of Cold Steel?

        • Wikipedia thinks there’s a separate version. Not that Wipedia is a terribly trustworthy source.

          It lists “Playstation Vita (Evolution) December 10th, 2015”.

          However, that seems to be in Japanese; my bad. Getting my hopes up.

          • Oh man! Now I’m getting MY hopes up too…

            Although there’s no sign of the Evolution version of FC coming west, from what I can find, perhaps due to it being 100% voiced. Stupid licensing…

  • I’m waiting for the AU PSN release… For now.

    Should probably replay the first game, though!

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