JB Hi-Fi Is Flogging The Xbox One As Well

It wasn't the bravest prediction of all time, but I speculated earlier this morning that other retailers would follow Gerry Harvey's lead by making their Xbox One bundles more competitive, perhaps in response to the PS4's recent price drop.

Harvey Norman had a deal going with FIFA 16 that was kind of reasonable. This one from JB Hi-Fi is much better.

It's listed on their website as a pair of exclusives and which bundle you go for depends on the answer to this question: do you like cars, or football? (Or soccer, if you must.)

Either way, you'll be paying the same amount — $449. The FIFA 16 offering gets you a 1TB Xbox One with the game and a 12 month subscription to EA Access, which would be a pretty solid offering for those who already enjoy sports on consoles.

Alternatively, you can opt for the Forza Motorsport 6 bundle. That gets you the game, a limited edition console and the Tenth Anniversary Car Pack (but no EA Access subscription).

If you don't mind paying a bit more, you can also opt for the Fallout 4 Xbox One bundle ($549) that nets you a 1TB console, Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.


    JB Hi-Fi Is Flogging The Xbox One As Well

    Not to be rude but everyone seems to be flogging them at the moment; mostly gamers trying anything to get the damn thing to install and play the games!

    No joke, I got the Forza edition before the price drop and despite all efforts during that weekend, I could not download let alone install Forza. I also got the Master Chief collection and good thing the game can play without the 19 GB (not a typeo) update because that refuses to complete successfully as well.

    After some effort, I managed to get Rare Replay install thank heaves but thanks to that experience I don't think I'll buy another console again - this DRM rubbish has put me right off.

    Thank heavens I also have a PS4. Was gonna get FO4 for the XBone(the customer) but nope, PS4 for the win because I can put the game in and play it; like the SNES, etc.

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      2012 called, they want their complaint back.

        Unless my weekend was caught in a temporal rift and I missed some fixes that have happened since, I am entitled to make a valid and still very current complaint.

        I even took the damn thing to my mates place as he has the NBN. We seriously though there was something wrong with his connection but nope, the only device having issues was my XBone.

        I shudder to think how much worse I would have been on my flaky ADSL connection.

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          Yes it is still a problem. Their game launching priority is download update BEFORE installing game.

          All the games lately have HUGE day one patches that might end up being 10-20GB of update. Not to mention AFTER the update, it will need to install again.

          Even with NBN, this can take awhile. It took me half a day to reinstall Dead Rising 3 after they the huge patch they released after launch.

          Seriously no idea why they would do that. PS4 install disc first before it starts to download patch separately which is done in the background while you play. I think this flow existed because X1 exclusives couldn't go gold before manufacture and the disc version is unplayable until the patches come in.

          One thing that is sure to work is disconnect your Xbox One from internet. Put in the disc and let it install the disc first, then connect it to internet and let it patch later.

            I also tried that. The Offline install was fine but later I forgot the Ethernet cable (was trying to get Forza) was still plugged in but I though to just let it try again.

            No luck there either.

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              I bought an Xbox One a few months back. I returned it within a week. The installation thing was a joke. It took something STUPID like 6 hours to install Sunset Overdrive (and then it was average as f**k anyways) and the 500GB (heck even the 1TB) HDD is no where big enough to have the requirement to do an installation for every game you own.

              I then purchased a PS4 and even though my PC is my main go to for gaming, it's nice to be able to play some of the exclusives like Until Dawn, Bloodbourne etc.

              Personally I think the Xbone is a horrid machine and lord knows what Microsoft was thinking with this backwards archaic installation process.

                Personally I think the Xbone is a horrid machine and lord knows what Microsoft was thinking with this backwards archaic installation process.

                I hazard a guess at this but its logical. Wouldn't the required install to HDD be a part of their original "online only" plan with all the crap that went along with it.

                  That's what I'm assuming as well. It would've made sense with their ONLINE ONLY EVERYONE SHARES GAMES weird thing they had planned originally, but man it does not make sense now.

          I bought the Xbox One and Forza last Thursday after work and was playing it that night. You might have had some bad luck.
          I have the PS4 as well and it is my main go to console.
          I don't like the Xbox dashboard compared to the PS4 one, but I haven't had any issues with it.

          As far as Fallout 4 goes, for me that will be PC or nothing !

            I thought about the PC version. But my RAM is too slow so it's PS4.

              i heard of a website that can check the specs of your pc to see if it will run FO4. does anyone remember what that was?

                Sorry, I forgot to mention, my CPU doesn't suit either. It's a Core2 Quad.

                Given that the CPU and memory are possibly the two most important parts besides the power supply, my current PC is incapable of playing the game and I don't plan to build a new PC until next year.

                But thanks for the idea anyway.

                  A core 2 quad can still manage quite a bit if its paired with a good video card, I have a spare PC with a Core2Quad 9400 and a 280x video card that can play BF4 at High/60fps.

                  @piratepete: I think the graphics card is OK but I only get budget cards.

                  But in your opinion, will my GTX960 be enough? I personally think even if it is, the bottle neck will be the CPU and memory which is DDR 2.

                  The 960 will be plenty, its just the CPU that is a bit iffy, Fallout is generally not as graphically intense as other modern games though so you may be alright.

                  I pre ordered the game (I know, i'm terrible) and I can test it on launch day on my old machine if you like.

                  Its always a shame to have a bethesda game on console because you miss out on the modding. You will be playing and wistfully thinking of the Macho Man power armour you could be wearing.

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                  @piratepete: Its always a shame to have a bethesda game on console because you miss out on the modding.

                  That's the price I pay for convenience so I can't complain there.

                  But thanks for the advice. I still intend to get it on PC later though - once I upgrade it primarily for my work first.

            huzzah PC master race. Played Fallout 3 on PC, New Vegas on PS3 and now back to PC for Fallout 4 with spanking 980ti. Got it few weeks ago in preparation for fallout 4.

              Huzzah, you shelled out $1000+ to be able to play a new game! ;^)

                :P Sorry console peasant. That is the power of a PC MASTER RACE.

                Jokes aside It was time to upgrade anyway. Selling my old cards out to fund it. Pretty sure my old rig could play it with no problem but the Amazon Amex discount is too tempting. 15% off everything.

                Twice the price of the Xbone and 4X the resolution and 4x the framerate so therefore its much better value.

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                  Assuming you already have a 4k monitor/tv otherwise you'd have to include that with the 980.

                  @piratepete true. I had the tv im using for my x1 before I had the x1, so I guess we cant say that. Unless he's in the same boat he can't say 4x the resolution then, he can say a huge framerate, detail and lighting gain though.

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                  I could also have been running under the assumption that the Xbone wasn't running at 1080p :p

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                  I haz le 1440p monitor and was running 670 SLI. 2GB can't do nuts anymore with all the VRAM requirements lately.

                  Witcher 3 ran like butter on ultra. After 100 hours of Witcher 3 I'm finally at Act 3 and will be finishing tonight.

                Or he shelled out 1000.00 for a card that (if he chose to) he can use for another 2-3 console generations. Although like myself, he'll probably upgrade it in 2-3 years because the PC MASTER RACE CARES NOT FOR MONEY! MOAR POWER!!

                  Yeah, we spent more on a pc (June 2014) than we did on 3 consoles in release year (2 x1s and a PS4) and it's already failing the recommended test. Well the video card is, everything else is fine. I'm looking at building another one at some point next year now, but I'm waiting to hear about the next gen of cards that supposedly make the 900 series look like console cards.


                  What video card is it running currently? And yeah next year they are expecting a jump of pretty much 2x the power of the current equivalent cards which is huge.


                  Well you can't really last for 2-3 console generation. It is practically impossible. That would mean those people with PC from PS1 era can't upgrade until PS3 released? Too unrealistic. One console cycle maybe. Probably no upgrade until PS5 which is probably 4-5 years later.


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                  That's not master race blood, you've been at my espresso again. Keep away from my coffee, OK?

                Better than paying half that for an Xbox One that barely plays new games ;)

            I agree the install times on xbone are not the best. But I've never had the problems your stating.

          The thing with Halo MCC is that the total install size is bigger than can fit on 1 disc. The disc contains the campaigns for Halo 1-4 (I think it was around 47 GBish), while the patch is the multiplayer side and Halo ODSTs campaign. My total install size for Halo: MCC is 70.5 GB, games are bigger than discs these days.

          FYI Halo 5 has a similar "problem" of a large day 1 patch. Apparently it's 9.2 GBish. That's the multiplayer side again, so that the single player is on the disc for those that don't/can't patch.

          I can relate to your Forza issue, I had a similar issue with Diablo III, it would just constantly restart the download. Don't know what eventually fixed the problem, but it's fixed now.

          It sucks that your first experience with the x1 is boiked, but there may be a solution. If you know anyone with an x1 that owns Forza 6 and has it installed and patched, you could take a USB 3 external hdd, format it and copy the game data over to the external, then copy that data over to your x1. Your disc/digital license will open the game just fine.

            Thanks for the heads up. Don't know of anyone who has both the console and the game but if it happens that is the path I will try.

              You could take the game and external HDD to a friends x1 (or just sign in if you have the digital copy) and then let them download it for you, then copy it. Of course this requires a generous friend that has a decent net connection and data cap, as well as an x1!

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        2001 called, they want their timeframe reference back...

          Oh, oh yeah!? Well 1992 callled...they want... oh man, I got nothin....

      Ouch that really sucks.

      Conversely i picked up the halo 5 LE console.. downloaded halo 5 no issues, installed and downloaded the MCC patch and also brought Elite Dangerous from the XBL store and downloaded and installed fine.

      Maybe i got lucky.. or maybe youre extremely unlucky.

        Might be luck. Even the RareReplay 360 games caused headaches.

        Those games downloaded but kept failing to run and the error code provided took me to a support page to try downloading and installing the games again.

        Did the old Win3.11 trick of completely rebooting the console (even unplugged it from the wall for 30 seconds) and finally I was able to play the 360 games.

        But Forza (46 GB) and the Halo update (19 GB) I could not get to work. So while remote, I must be having issues with the XBL service.

          Hard resetting is an absolute must for some x1 errors. It amazes me when I hear from someone that their x1 has never been hard reset.

            I could never understand that behaviour either - specifically the never rebooting X machine.

            Heck, my home environment is a mix of Mac (emails, iOS programming, etc), Windows (.NET programming and gaming), FreeBSD (file server) and Manjaro (everything else) but I power cycle my work machines weekly and my servers every couple of months so nothing residual in the RAM or any stuck file locks get in the way.

            My guess is, every one just expects their machines to be always on and never need a reboot unless there is a power failure.

            The sad truth is some irritations from the late 80s still apply today but many just don't wanna accept that.

      Odd complaint. Mines never had an issue installing anything. Are you sure it's not just a connection issue on your end?

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        We did try the diagnosis tools in the console and my mate even restarted his hardware (he tinkers with networks so has a router connected to his NBN box).

        His devices worked fine but we couldn't get a consistent answer from the troubler shooter. The first time it said there was an issue on Microsoft's end, the second time everything was OK and since then it has been bouncing between the two.

        Like I said, I shudder to think what would happen if I tried on my ADSL connection.

      Dude I’ve JUST had the same issue with MCC and I’ve never had an issue installing an Xbone game before.

      My game actually died during an update (I’ve been able to play it previously) which meant it had to be re-installed.
      Lucky I have iiNet and I get uncapped XBL downloads or I would have been shitty with a 60gb download.

      Anyway….. it won’t re-install/ re-download.
      I deleted the game from my machine and tried again. Did the steps on XBL using the error code the machine gives me….. haven’t been able to fix it yet.
      It just says “installing” and then fails within a few seconds.

        I wish I could remember what I did to fix that problem, I've had it once before. I'm with iiNet too because we have 2 x1s and mostly buy digital for the sharing of licenses etc.

      LOL me too... but got 2 extra games...

      But yeah those downloads....

      Never had one problem with any of the 20 plus games I've played and installed on the one. . . . No idea what you are doing but it's wrong. Or!!! The servers were down while you tried to install it.

    To be fair I think it was a global price drop, Harveys just decided to act on it first. Very similar to Target and Big W acting on the Ps4 price changes.

    God dammit, I swore I didn't need an Xbox One having already bought a PS4 at launch, but I'm a sucker for a price drop...

      Its been much cheaper than this in the past so I wouldn't stress too much. Its been 390AUD Delivered with 4 games previously on Oz Bargain.

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    Bought a 500gb XBone today with AC: Black Flag and Unity download tokens for $350 but ill sell the tokens because my satelite internet connection has neither the data or speed to download those games. All this talk about compulsory 10gb+ updates on day one is scaring me. Im surprised i can get away without downloading the 19gb MCC Patch. Hopefully i dont get stuck with any updates on halo 5 midnight launch.

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    Took my XBone back and traded it in for a PS4.

    No ragrets.

    I think it's great that the console prices are coming down a bit in time for christmas. What I'd really like to see though, is a drop in some of the game prices. Some haven't really changed for over a year (I'm looking at you GTA V on PS4). I pretty much refuse to buy games for my console a year after they've been released for the same price as the day one launch. That just sounds wrong, especially when some stores still think they can charge 69-80+ for a year old game that isn't a special edition. There are only so many consoles you can buy, and not everyone can afford or has the time to purchase and play every game in the first week of release. Making the games a little more affordable would really help make the new gen consoles much more attractive.

    Thanks for the article. Just want to inform all folks who live outside US that Xbox One is a great media Player. If you want to access Netflix and other streaming stations on your Xbox One you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.

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