JB Hi-Fi Is Selling The Xbox One For $399

JB Hi-Fi Is Selling The Xbox One For $399

It’s not the first time an Xbox One has been available for this price in Australia, but this time it seems to be a JB-specific promotion.

The console has been available in it’s basic form for a while, but this is the first time we’ve seen JB Hi-Fi lower the price of the console outside of a special promotion. For $399, you’ll be able to get the 500GB model of the XB1 along with a 1 month subscription to Xbox Live Gold, a wireless controller and the headset.

Other retailers don’t seem to have jumped on board. Dick Smith is still selling the basic XB1 bundle for $499, while EB Games is charging $418 if you just want the pre-owned console. Better deals are available — NBA 2k16 and FIFA 16 along with a 500GB XB1 for $499 isn’t too bad.

But if you want the console for as cheap as humanly possible, without going to Gumtree or some other second-hand route, JB’s deal is the best you’ll get. Target’s eBay store is still charging $599 for a new 500GB XB1, and Big W’s bundles cost exactly the same as the base console itself.


  • Dick Smith and Target ebay stores offer a bundle for a similar price. Their 20% off sales happen every other week. I got my one last year with Forza Horizon 2, Halo MCC, AC 4, Unity for $30 more

  • Eh… I just bought the 1TB Forza edition….

    It makes car noises on startup, disc eject and shutdown.

    It’s awesome. It’s blue.

  • But the microsoft store is 500 and that comes with
    Limited time only: Get Halo: The Master Chief Collection, a Wireless Controller, Digital TV Tuner + 3-months Xbox Live Gold ($234 value) when you buy today!

    • Speaking of, there’s a physical Microsoft Store opening in the Pitt street mall next month. I wonder if they’ll have any grand opening bargains.

  • I picked up a second hand one in great condition last year for 380, thought it was a real steal. Hardly used it for 10 months, then with the windows 10 game streaming, its seeing a huge new lease of life!

  • After that slick Halo 5 trailer (nerd boner for Fillion reporting in) this is so tempting… But I’m going to stick to my guns and wait for the first hardware revision that shrinks the size down to something not quite so stupidly large.

    • Seems to be a rule of the last couple generations that there’s going to be a slimmer, more powerful, more reliable version of a console squeak out the door inside the first year or two of a new generation. I didn’t wait for the PS4, but will for the xboner.

      (Also, isn’t Fillion dreamy? Almost enough to make me excited about Destiny. Almost.)

    • I admire your resolve, waiting and getting the smaller, quieter, higher capacity (2tb I assume) and cheaper console is smart, but oh so hard.

      • Having just bought a new home and having a wife pregnant with twins tends to shift ones priorities.

  • Tempting but there are no Xbone exclusive games that grab me ATM (can’t honestly think of any off the top of my head outside of the launch titles of Rise & Dead Rising 3).

      • Hence why I couldn’t think of any really.

        Maybe Sunset Overdrive but that’ll have a PC port sometime.

        • Oh right got ya 😛 Yeah I can’t think of any real reason other than “Ooh that’s shiny” to buy an Xbone, i’m glad I went for a PS4 when it came out, i’ve gotten good use out of it so far.

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