Joel From The Last Of Us Has A Really Weak Stomach

Look Joel, if you're gonna be the protagonist in a video game about flesh eating viruses and people who essentially becomes human mushrooms, you're gonna have to harden up.

This is the latest video from Big Head Mode, the Australian-based YouTubers. They've already created some classics. This Mario/Peach break up one might be my favourite, but the Tale of Two Indies is also super good.

This isn't quite on the same level as those, but the ending is worth sticking around for!


    That... wasn't funny at all.

    Note to self: Avoid anything by these guys in the future.

      I concur. Criminally unfunny.

      It's just ok. Not impressive and not extra funny. But when the pus started to flow I was like what the fuck and then that was all.

      I didn't find the Mario and Peach breakup one particularly funny either, personally.

      Yea Mark I know we wanna promote aussie content creators and all but...all these are hardly "classics". They are ok at best.

    That was brilliant, I guess not liking the game itself helps.

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