John Carmack Is Making Sure Minecraft Works In VR

John Carmack's departure from iD Software to Oculus was fairly understandable given the man's career and his passion for technology. It's sad to see him not working on iD Tech engines any more, but hey, the guy's a genius and he's played a large part in making this wave of virtual reality work.

Given that his entire career effectively revolves around making new things — or existing things better — it's always interesting to see what has caught Carmack's eye. As it turns out, that new thing is Minecraft.

In a post early this morning, Carmack revealed that he's been working with Microsoft and Mojang to optimise the VR experience for Minecraft. "Busy working with @_tomcc and the Microsoft/Mojang team on Minecraft for Oculus," the veteran programmer and developer tweeted.

It's been the primary focus for Carmack in the aftermath of the Oculus-lead conference for developers, Connect. Carmack gave one of his trademark keynote speeches at the conference, where he stands on stage, in a robotic-like, relatively motionless way, leading the audience through some incredibly technical topics.

Carmack quipped during his keynote, which you can watch below, that he believes gaming will only be "less than half of the VR market when it's mature". He also spoke about the prospect of virtual stadiums for eSports events, where the crowd is beamed into the arena.


    But if minecraft works in VR ill never see my 12 year old again..........and I will never get to play any VR games myself..........

    Well... Minecraft is probably what will put VR in every household in the developed world.

      I can see the headlines now....

      Carmack enables the impossible, Minecraft overtakes porn as #1 use for VR.


    not just esports but other live events like concerts, etc it would be perfect for

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