Kmart Is Selling The PlayStation 4 For $349

Kmart Is Selling The PlayStation 4 For $349

Begun the console price wars have. A PlayStation 4 for $349? That seems… almost ridiculously cheap.

But yes, it’s correct. Kmart’s latest catalogue is on the site and the store is selling the 500GB PlayStation 4 for $349. That’s $130 cheaper than the recently reduced RRP of $479. When will this madness end?

The Wii U is also on sale at $299 for the Mario Kart 8 bundle. That’s also a pretty good deal if you’re looking to pick up the Wii U.

But that PlayStation 4 price point. It’s ridiculous. If you’re looking for the console itself and you want to avoid all the bundling that typically goes on with well priced console purchases, this is probably as good as it’s going to get.

The sale starts today and is in-store only.

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  • Yep time to take the plunge! Today in fact.

    Quick question if I may? (PC gamer, this will be my first PS): how big will the download be for any patches etc when I plug it in for the first time? I have limited rural internet..

    • any system update will probably weigh in at around 500-900mb if i remember correctly… game patches can vary greatly… might want to disable any kind of auto updates if your internet is in any way limited

      • Many thanks, as long as it’s not a first time update of 10 gig, I can handle that. The game patches aren’t a problem, on PC I take them one month at a time, so shall do the same on PS 🙂

        • Fortunately the PS4 has the ability to download updates/patches/etc. while the console is technically off. Be slightly wary though, as I have had a situation in which I expected to return home and be able to play a game shortly thereafter, only find that what had downloaded was an installer, and once THAT was activated… the real download began….

          • I also schedule to downloads to happen between 2am and 7am, as I get extra quota during those hours.

    • I didn’t notice the updates being particularly big. I bought one the other week and it seemed to have the latest major update already on it.

    • FWIW, PS4 thankfully has the option to play without installing the update; it will continue to download in the background, and you obviously can’t access any online features of the game, but when you get that new game and your net decides to take a trip down nostalgia lane, you can at least still fire up the game to play right away.

        • Also, coming from someone who 6 months ago was a devout PC gamer, and now 100% converted, welcome! You won’t regret it!

          • Really? I have an Xbone and I have been saving up for a PC. However this offer is really tempting as I would love to play Uncharted and Last of Us. Do you really think this is worth buying, while I push my PC plans back by a couple of months?

          • It comes down to your needs and what games you want to play.
            The main reason I converted to PS4 is I simply don’t have the free time that I used to 4 years ago, and with my personality I always feel the need to install the latest hardware, tweak every setting in the BIOS and OS, and mod every game until it’s perfect. In 2015 that leaves me with very little time to actually play games. I made the call that relaxing and playing games is more important to me, and thus switched.
            I didn’t switch because of this, but I sure am enjoying all the Playstation exclusives (which is the main reason I chose PS4 over XB1).

          • Thanks. I don’t think I want to be tweaking a lot of BIOS or OS. But I do want to get my hands dirty with Unreal Engine or Unity. Plus play games on higher settings than consoles offer.

            But damn those PS4 Exclusives.

          • As a past xbox 360/one owner, current ps4 owner, I think you will find the last of us and uncharted are incredibly overhyped by the sony fanboys over the years. Note this is in my personal opinion, but I expect to get downvoted none the less.

            Uncharted has some of the most corny, aweful writing ever and the gameplay is simply “ok” (the last new tomb raider game is far better).

            The last of us does have interesting characters and a story – just like a variety of other TPS games, it does look fairly pretty, but honestly I’d rather play Alan Wake – the story in that was far more artistic than the last of us ever gets close to and the gunplay much smoother. It’s a decent game, but it’s nothing worth buying a 350 console over.

          • How does one go from being a PC gamer to a console convert? Was your PC just outdated and garbage? I’m genuinely curious…

            I’ve played both consoles and PC my entire life. Since i have a control pad for my PC, the only difference between my PC and a console are the exclusives which is why I now own a PS4 as well. I couldn’t see it ever replacing my PC, and frankly it’s a hassle to have to swap the discs and move from the comfort of my computer desk… But Until Dawn and Bloodbourne needed a playing!

            But yeah, I could never see me giving up my steam account and PC gaming. Curious why you’re now a convert.

          • Nope computer is right up there; i7-4930k, Rampage IV Black, GTX680 SLI. Have over 600 games in my steam library. I have played PC my entire life, dabbled in xbox and 360 a little but always came back to my PC. I was always the one proclaiming to my friends that PC is superior and all that.
            Then, being quite a Dark Souls fan, Bloodborne came out and I HAD to buy a PS4 just for it. So I did, but I insisted I would at the most buy a couple of other exclusives for my PS4 and stick to my PC for everything else. Over a few months I started buying more games until I was even buying games that would be superior on PC.
            It really came down to a number of things:
            * I find it a lot easier to get playing with people online than on PC, as everything is on one central platform (imagine if EVERYTHING on PC was through steam, no separate accounts for MMO’s, Origin, Humble, etc etc.). This also goes for local multiplayer; you simply can’t easily play a split screen game with friends on PC as there are hardly any games for it. It’s nice to have friends over and we can just pick up the controllers and start playing together. Friends are also more inclined to play with me as they found PC daunting (most don’t own a decent PC, and can’t handle m/kb controls).
            * Recently got a 70-inch TV and it is really nice to play on; can obviously do this on PC but it’s just a little annoying to have to get a mouse and keyboard to navigate some stuff when necessary.
            * My work life has gotten busier and busier in the last few years and I’ve realised that by playing on PS4 rather than PC I have more time for gaming and less time spent doing other things like installing updates, modifying my computer etc. That also extends to within games; I am looking forward to playing Fallout 4 on my PS4 as in the past I’ve always had an issue with Bethesda games and modding; I simply can’t stop modding it until it becomes unplayable, then it’s too much work to un-mod it, and in the end I spend 100s of hours playing the game, but I barely ‘play’ the game as I’m just running around testing performance and visuals of mods.

            I’m not denying all the points I used to make about PC as being superior are still valid, I’ve just changed my mind because of other reasons I never really considered.
            It’s really just me and my needs as to why I switched; I wouldn’t say without a doubt every PC gamer needs to convert, it was just the most logical choice (in hindsight) for me. I sure am saving a lot of money too not buying upgrades for my PC (again like modding games and whatnot, this is optional, but I simply can’t help myself).

          • Thanks for your detailed reply. All interesting points.

            Personally I upgrade my computer for epeen reasons…. I have a 290X in my computer and I’m already looking at future upgrades. Irks the sh%t out of me when I have a top tier gpu and stuff still doesnt play 100% though.

          • Don’t play ARK then, it’s just poorly optimized, but even on amazing graphics cards it can run poorly.
            It might be vastly improved now since it’s obviously in ongoing development, but I was borderline going to buy a Titan X or 2 simply because I wanted to be able to run that game at full specs. So glad I didn’t, could’ve bought between 4-8 PS4’s for that money.

          • Yeah I have a gaming pc, but buy everything on console.
            Just easier to play with friends, less hassle. I think this will likely be the last desktop PC i own.

      • and that is my fave part of the ps4 as i have an xb1 that purchased earlier and hate the fact that when i went to play the master chief collection 18 gig download and as i didnt have internet on then i had to wait 10 or so days till a friend could download it for me yet when i got tomb raider for the ps4 it let me play while it downloaded in the background but oh no couldn’t do that with the xb1 not happy jan.Sony has kicked goals this time around and Microsoft has dropped the ball.

    • I haven’t had too many games that have huge updates. Games like “last of us” or BloodBorne, I think had patches in the range of 1-2GB.

      Most games you can start playing straight away, without the patch, if you are happy to play offline. It’s only when playing online you need all the updates. I find the PS4 does a really good job of downloading and patching in the background, I dont ever really notice it being an issue.

    • I doubt it. The big retail stores make deals with Sony/MS to get prices like this that are below the regular margin – that’s why EB Games generally refuses to pricematch bundles now.

      • There is a 1TB version, but apparently it’s not running on the updated hardware. It’s possible the 500gb models are also the older hardware so they are trying to get rid of them. In terms of hardware, as far as I know the biggest difference is it’s more efficient power wise.

        • Yep. The 1TB variants are the older model while the current 500GBs are the newer CUH-1200. You can check the bottom left corner on the front of the box to verify which model you’re buying. The 1200 is quieter and has lower power consumption.

    • Exactly, clearing out the old SKU now that the 1200/1202 have been out for a few months. Kmart have a tendency to hold onto old stock and then demand a scanback from the distributor to clear it so they can advertise ridiculous prices like this.

  • Hate seeing these posts when I live in NZ, haha. Still, my PS4 was only $50 or so more when I bought mine after it released in Japan (I was there on holiday :D)

  • What the actual…. Of course this happens after I’ve just dumped a shedload of money on flights for a load of holidays! Ahh well, win some lose some etc 😛

  • I swear I posted this would happen on the announcement that it’d be out for <$350 and no one took me seriously. =/

  • Since when does Kmart sell the latest games? My Kmart’s idea of ‘latest game’ is Lego Jurassic Park – which is sold out. I wish my K-mart had more stock, would keep the EB next to me honest

  • Mrs paid full price at the start of the month to buy me one for my b’day. Feel kinda sorry for her. Still glad she got me thr 1Tb version tho :p

    • When I started dating my now wife, she bought me Fallout New Vegas for my birthday (knew she was a keeper then) – found out that she’d paid full RRP even though it’d been out for a while. Felt sorry for her, but also flattered that she felt I was worth it anyway. 🙂

  • Jeez, that is a good price. Should make it go gangbusters for Christmas. I was lucky to get my PS4 14 months ago for a good price from Catch of the Day. This is certainly taking it to another level. Hopefully there are enough to go around.

  • I just pulled the trigger on the Dick Smith deal the other day as well… damnit!

    I reckon seeing as how little game stock my local has they are trying to flog stock in a effort to rid themselves of gaming altogether? Wasnt that a theory not long ago that they were moving away from it?

  • I already have one but I have this uncontrollable urge to go and lay buy one right now… I don’t even need another one!

  • At that price it’s almost worth picking up a second one for the lounge room so I don’t have to unplug and move mine and then the kids have one to play on as well.

  • I’m more pissed off at the fact i bought Lego Dimensions last week for my niece for xmas and it was $119, now $99 at Kmart.

  • only been an xbone guy for this generation untill now, so i’ve Jumped on the bandwagon, got The Last of Us remastered….

  • Awesome, let me just check my bank balance… Oh well shit. I had a fender bender yesterday. Bye bye $650 for the excess -_- *slinks back to hole*

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