Legends Of History, Meet Your Anime Counterparts

Legends Of History, Meet Your Anime Counterparts

The Fate franchise is built entirely around legendary heroes fighting it out for the Holy Grail. And the newest game in the series, Fate/Grand Order gives anime makeovers to more of the greatest figures from myth and history than ever before.

Below is a gallery of all the new heroes included in the mobile title Fate/Grand Order. Of course, many old favourites return as well, but this gallery is for those making their Fate series debut.

[Note: As most characters work to keep their identities secret in the game, this entire gallery counts as spoilers. You have been warned.]


Artemis — The Greek goddess of the hunt.


Charles-Henri Sanson — High Executioner of the First French Republic.

Jing Ke — Failed to assassinate the man who would one day become China’s first Emperor.

Mata Hari — Exotic dancer, courtesan, and spy for Germany in World War I.

The Phantom of the Opera — The titular character of the well-known Gothic novel.


Asterios — The Minotaur of myth and legend.

Caligula — The brutal Roman Emperor.

Darius III — The Persian King who battled Alexander the Great.

Eric Bloodaxe — An ancient king of Norway.

Kiyohime — A spurned woman who became a dragon.


Leonardo da Vinci — The original Renaissance man.

Mephistopheles — The trickster Devil in Faust.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart — The brilliant classical composer.

Zhuge Liang — One of China’s greatest strategists.


Musashibo Benkei — A warrior monk known for great strength and loyalty.

Leonidas — Spartan king known for fighting in the shade and dining in Hell.

Romulus — Founder of Rome.


Blackbeard — The most famous pirate ever to sail the seven seas.

Boudica — The warrior queen who tried to drive the Romans out of Britain.

Saint George — Slayer of Dragons.

Marie Antoinette — The last queen of France.

Saint Martha — Tamer of Dragons.

Ushiwakamaru — One of the greatest samurai warriors of all time.


Attila the Hun — Conqueror of much of ancient Europe. Also, owner of a wicked multi-coloured lightsaber.

Gaius Julius Caesar — First Emperor of Rome.

Le Chevalier D’Eon — A French spy who passed for both a woman and a man.


Sir Galahad — Knight of the Round Table and finder of the Holy Grail — and currently merged with Mashu Kyrielite.

Fate/Grand Order was released for iOS and Android on July 29, 2015. There is currently no word on a Western release.


  • I’m liking Fate GO, its a good game, sure there’s microtransactions and all but you really just don’t need them, plus as a big fan of the Fate series being able to play this game is great 😀 also, if anyone was wondering why the character for Zhuge Liang looks like Waver, is because he’s hosting the spirit inside his body as El-melloi (Waver) can’t become a Heroic spirit on his own

  • What, did you forget me? I am the only guy who could do what both eggman and nega couldnt do – i killed sonic.

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