Look At This Gorgeous Super Nintendo Book

Look At This Gorgeous Super Nintendo Book

It’s a good time to be alive if you like books about consoles from the 90s. Sega fans got an amazing Genesis/Mega Drive coffee table book last year, and now SNES fans are getting one, albeit with a slightly different approach.

Stuart Brett, curator of the wonderful Super Famicom Guy Instagram account (which we’ve featured before), has completed a book that chronicles his collection of Super Famicom games.

Called Super Famicom: The Box Art Collection, and being published by Bitmap Books, the hardcover book features box shots of “around 250 titles, including many rare examples and some that have never before been documented in print.”

Sadly, it’s not due out until next year; you can keep up to date on how it’s going here.


  • Came for a Super Nintendo book, got a Super Famicom book instead.

    That said, it looks like a pretty sweet book.

    • You’re joking right?

      In case you’re not.. The Super Famicom is the Super Nintendo.. It was just the Japanese name for the system. Like how the Sega Mega Drives were called Sega Genesis in the states.

      • Nah. It’s a book about box art. The Super Famicom boxes are way different to SNES boxes. Granted, Japanese boxes tend to be much prettier than what we get for ours, but still. It’s a bit of a bait-and-switch.

        • Ah in that case what you said makes sense. To be fair.. Since I grew up reading American video gaming magazines when I was around that age (and the good old Nintendo Magazine System + Hyper) I was used to seeing the alternate box art for the title.

          • Yeah it’s be cool to see someone chronicle the difference between the NTSC and PAL boxes

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