Mass Effect Gets Its Own Theme Park Ride

Mass Effect Gets Its Own Theme Park Ride

Following Ubisoft's announcement of their new Malaysian theme park earlier this month, now, we've got Bioware talking about a Mass Effect-themed attraction in a US theme park. Smaller in scope, sure, but at least it's close by.

The ride, which will debut at California's Great America in 2016, is said to be a "dynamic 3D adventure set in the Mass Effect universe," with "cutting-edge 3D technology and 4D effects." It involves visiting one of the game's planets and battling "larger-than-life foes," with the help of a live performer.

Bioware's partnering with Cedar Fair for the project. The company currently operates fifteen amusement parks throughout the US.


    They need an AWD go kart track but instead of go karts have mini mako's.
    That would be sick

    This is going to get awkward when I try to romance Garrus and he's busy "calibrating" things...

    How about making a smaller more confined adventure made for VR?

    I would love to see Bioware's take on VR.

    Is the ride a roller-coaster of amazing design that culminates in an ending that leaves you feeling bitter, twisted and slightly cheated... if not its not the authentic ME and you can count me out. :P

    let me guess, it builds and gets more exciting... then all of a sudden you reach the end and your like WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!

    A long, patience-testing elevator ride.

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