Melbourne Has A Fallout 4 Hype Tram

All aboard!

There's a Fallout 4 hype train. Most of us are already on board. But it's a metaphor. Melbourne has a Fallout 4 hype tram. And friends: the Fallout 4 hype tram is real.

This photograph was taken by Reddit user DogRavi.

If you see the Fallout 4 Hype Tram, take a picture and send it in!


(Wait, Trams don't go choo choo, do they?)


    Trams go clackity, clackity clack.

      And ding ding!

        ...and dingdingdingdingdingdingdingding when they're annoyed!

          Annoyed at drivers who don't stop and nearly mow down boarding and alighting passengers.

            Oh, I wasn't saying that their annoyance is unjustified! :D Drivers or cyclists who don't wait behind trams deserve all the loud and angry dinging the tram can muster.

              I feel sorry for the tram drivers because their little bell or horn doesn't really convey just how dangerous it is.

              They should have something louder to educate shitty drivers. Like a gun.

                I think instead of the little "stop" that sticks out when the door opens, it should be a giant comedy hand at perfect slapping height.

    hey mark bethseda finally announced the System requirements for Fallout 4, they are pretty damn awesome unless you dont have a 64bit OS and 8gigs of ram minimum

      Wonder how many would still be using 32-bit OS'es.

        I'm still using a Core2Duo...

        And someone else's computer for Fallout 4, it seems.

          Even a Core 2 Duo is more than capable of running 64-bit Windows though. Intel first introduced x86-64 extensions on the Prescott Pentium 4 desktop chips and by the time Core 2 rolled around it was on everything desktop and laptop.

            My response was more to the pattern of "How many people still use [thing not up to the Fallout 4 minimum specs]" rather than a direct link as to whether I use a 64 bit OS (which I do)

        according to steams hardware survey for september 2015 around 14% of the userbase still use 32 bit windows OSes

        Edit: around 60% of machines have less than 8gigs of ram as well, so it would seem that quite a few pc users might have to upgrade their machines a small amount in order to play fallout 4

        Last edited 09/10/15 10:48 am

          In saying that, if they have a 64-bit OS, beefing up the ram will be relatively inexpensive, especially as the 8GB is probably talking about lower-spec ram.

          Could be worse, when I read the specs for Star Wars Battlefront, I thought I would need to upgrade my graphics card, but the beta allayed my fears!

    It's not really a tram, it's a hat.

      there's a joke I'm missing here and it's making me anxious

        Referring to the Broken Steel train that basically put a train shaped hat on the player character.

          It wasn't the PC, it was an NPC running along a set path under the ground. But close enough. :)

        It wasn't great. It was more of a desperate clutch in the direction of a joke. The humor was just out of reach.

    So when Myki doesn't work its like you're experiencing a Bethesda glitch IRL

      And it occurs with roughly the same frequency, too!

    Coming soon, the EB Games exclusive Fallout 4 Tram lunchbox special edition

    I think it needs to look a little more rustic...

    Saw this on Collins St the other night omw home. Thought it was awesome.

    I just landed in Melbourne 2 weeks ago and I saw the tram, I was so so exited but I didn't a pic sadly :'( I'll try to get one next time.

    I saw it at St Kilda Beach, anyone know wich tram number is it ?

      It's the 96 which goes from st Kilda up past Nicholson St Fitzroy. It could be the 16 which goes down st Kilda rd down Swanston.

    Trams go DING DING / TING TING instead of CHOO CHOO

    Next stop mausdhfasdjgafkdlrejht asdjtladkrthaslt jalsdhtjasd street

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