Metal Gear Solid V Looks Beautiful When It Breaks

Metal Gear Solid V Looks Beautiful When It Breaks

What you're seeing here isn't a mod, or a tweak. It's a bug, which kingoddball KOB discovered while trying to play Metal Gear Online on PS4, that means most of the game world's textures simply fail to load.

I wish it was a mod, though, or a settings option, because it looks great! Like a way more expensive version of the gorgeous Lara Croft GO.

(via Super Punch)


    That is gorgeous! Looks like a really bleak version of Journey!

    I hace had this same problem since launch, apparently it is only in Australia but so far I've had zero luck getting help with fixing it, it's gone from "hey this looks cool" to frustration now :-/

      I had it to start with too, and the advice I got was to redownload MGO which seems to have done the trick.

      I got this the one time I logged into MGO too. I haven't had any time to play since but I'm going to assume I may have to re-download if I want to spend any real time playing. It's fine in free-roam, but when the rain effects appear as big black spots covering your screen when you're in an actual match it's a little more detrimental to your gameplay experience. :p

        Haha had the same thing, my first match ever with it ws raini MG and these grey diamond things were running all down my screen. Was a bit hard to ignore O_o

    Shows how quite basic the geometry is to keep it at 60fps. The texture and lighting work make up for it.

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