Every Xbox One Is Getting Backwards Compatibility From November 12

Microsoft just announced the release "New Xbox One Experience" — a new dashboard, basically. But that's not all Xbox One owners are getting.

Larry Hryb also tweeted that limited backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games will be patched into all Xbox One consoles from November 12.


    I guess it will make it easier for me to inevitably replay Alan Wake and the Mass Effect Trilogy.

    As a ps4 owner I'm jealous. This is how you do shit right.

      I have enough new games on the pile of shame to be worrying about old ones.

      I checked it out in case a few fave's were there,but take a look at the list of games before you get too excited...

      They are mostly crappy

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        That's no where near the over 100 games that they announced (the number, they never listed all 100+ games). I believe you found the ones available right now to preview members as 6 of those games are available in my download list to play right now.

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          Yeah it's missing a lot of stuff that's been confirmed. For instance they gave out a code for Fallout 3 on the 360 with Fallout 4 pre-orders, with a note stating you'll be able to play it on the XBOX One when backwards compatibility drops. I'm pretty sure Castle Crashers is confirmed even though they released a remastered version the other month.
          Right now it's safe to say everything Microsoft published last generation will be there at launch unless it requires special hardware. As much as I'd love to try Fable The Journey with a proper Kinect I'm pretty sure Lionhead said it's not happening due to hardware compatibility issues. If Fallout 3 is coming I would expect Fallout New Vegas, Oblivion and Skyrim to follow.
          I'm curious to see how publishers react. Will Rockstar put up Gun and Bully? Will BioShock turn up, or are they going to sit on it in case they ever want to do a remake?

            I believe one of the ratings boards recently turned up a Bioshock remake

        Also, they simply need approval from publishers to re-release any old game content as backwards compatible and then it is on the console. So assuming more publishers get on board, the faster this goes.

      WiiU is how you do shit right

    The preview build has been a little buggy, and I'm not a huge fan of the new layout, but the new features in the New XBOX One Experience are pretty fancy. I just wish they'd hurry up and add a way to filter/sort the XBOX 360 games out of my installed games list. It's cluttered enough with the short list of titles being tested. I'm guessing anyone who has been claiming their Games with Gold on the 360 is going to have their installed games list triple in size when this goes live.

      Yeah, the new lay out takes a bit of getting used to, its not as fast as people have been saying. Not as fast as the PS4 anyways which to me is the standard, as its such a dream to use.

        The thing is I'm not sure that getting used to it will help. I'm not lost or confused, I just feel the content of each area needs to be reconfigured. There's some good stuff in there and the framework is good enough, but it's the actual layout of the content that bugs me. The old Home screen wasn't perfect but the new Home tab requires me to scroll all the way down to do pretty much anything. I think at the least my pins should have their own tab so I can get there with one button press like on the old setup.
        It's all pretty insignificant considering how little time I spend navigating the Home screen, but I feel like they could have gone with a better layout and still achieved everything they set out to with the NXOE changes.

          You can get to your pins with one button press. Hit the right trigger to jump straight to My games and apps and your pins, left trigger to move back up to the top of the home screen.

          RT goes down / LT goes up it is still a button press away.

          I couldn't resist and opted in for the new dash and man o man the first week of it was tough but it was good to be able to report issues and feel like you were helping to improve things

          My 5 year old (who loves Lego games) yelled at me to change it (the dash) back to how it was before!

      The update we got today includes sorting options for games.
      Either by size, by last used, by most recently updated, or by A-Z.

        Sweet. I'd still like it split them into their own tab though.

      I feel like the snapping is even worse now, where as before it was a few clicks of the d-pad, also whenever I open the achievements app from my pins it opens in snap, I just want the normal achievements.

    with you be able to run original Xbox games or just a limited range of 360 ones?

      limited range of xbox360 games so far. More games are being added as time goes on but so far its on a case by case basis. If you own the game digitally it will automatically appear in your list for download or if you have the physical disc you put it in your xbox one which triggers it downloading a compatible version of it (you will still need to put the disc in every time you want to play it).

      They have expressed an interest in doing original XBOX games but so far they haven't even confirmed that they're trying. For now it's just a limited range of 360 titles. On the plus side since all they really need is publisher approval the list of compatible 360 games is pretty good and should grow and it's already got some of the gems of last generation.

    Hey Sony. Looks like the grass is greener!!!! I'm gonna jump ship!!!!

    This is good news!

    This is kinda better than those hd remakes that takes 10 years to make and boom u have a whole year playing remakes.

    Congrats Xbox players!

      Why not have both? surely youd want to play The new Uncharted game? I got all 3, I generally wait for a bunch of exclusives to come out then stack them and pick up a console.

      You might want to wait and see what those waters are like before you go and jump ship.
      It's not actually backwards compatibility at all, but rather a recompilation of the 360 source code to run on xbone. So its completely on a game-by-game basis as to whether the developers submit code for recompilation.

      If it works, great. But otherwise, I'd prefer for resources to be spent on new tech, not enabling me to play games I've already played on old tech.

        Are you sure it needs to be rebuilt? I thought they were more or less just images of the originals, and that the only thing Microsoft needed from the publishers/developers was the paperwork for re-distribution.

          That's how I understand it too.

          There are publishers who may not want to do it as they'll have to relicense music, or they may have to set up new servers (Test Drive and Burnout come to mind).

        So far I've only played XBLA games thru BC but they work perfectly (N+, Banjo-Tooie, Shadow Complex)

        Not sure how disc based games work though

    Hmm backwards compatibility, this is something the customers have wanted for a long time. Good on MS for doing right by customers for once. I would be surprised if Sony does the same, their PS3 architecture is not friendly to x86.

      Sony is pushing their (non friendly to AU Internet, overpriced) streaming option for their back catalogue. I'd be exceptionally surprised if they went with a service that couldn't be continually monetised.

    Do we need windows10 installed on our PCs for this to work?

      Nope. You just install the games like you would regular XBOX One games, then when you start them it loads up what's essentially an XBOX 360 emulator and plays the game. It plays them inside a replica of the XBOX 360 interface with the blades and all that, but you can still use the new XBOX One functions so if you have Windows 10 you can do things like streaming the game to your PC or tablet.

        Thanks for your response DogMan :D some interesting information but my question was sarcasm/joke and slightly off topic; in response to recent decisions MS have made to push their consumers to win10.

    I wonder if the Xbox one will ever have the HDMI link where all I have to do is press the X one the controller and the tv will turn on automatically and switch to the xbox. My PS4 and PS3 has it

      It has since launch. I think it's under TV in the settings panel. Covers the stereo and set top box too.

        hmmmm I'll have another look. maybe I missed it

          I believe it's Settings->TV & OneGuide->Device Control. Once you've set your TV, set top box, audio receiver or TV tuner you can go to Device power options on the same page to setup what happens to each device when the XBOX is turned on and off. It doesn't work exactly like the PS4 though. Last time I used it the PS4 would turn on any time my TV turned on. I prefer the XBOX way but it'd be nice if they had the option to choose between the two. I'd love it if both sides had the option to turn the console and TV off together when you press the power button, but if you hold the PS/XBOX Home button you get a 'turn console off but leave TV on' option on the power down menu.
          You can also change how many steps Kinect will raise/lower the volume by in the Display & Sound->Volume page.

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            Wow cheers dude! Going look into this as soon as I get home from work

    Sigh. Still lacking the real UI improvement I'm waiting for: not being bombarded by ads on a console that I already paid for.

    did someone say PC has been doing this since forever?

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