Minecraft Player Live Streams House Fire

Minecraft Player Live Streams House Fire

Japanese streamer Daasuke took a break from playing Minecraft to show off his new oil-match lighter. That's when things got bad. Real bad.

Daasuke admitted that he wasn't sure how to use the lighter. He filled it up with lighter fluid and ended up accidentally setting his room on fire.

In the YouTube video below, you can see how thing escalate. The flames start at around 4:45.

[Video via Kukulu]

As website Hachima points out, the streamer has set his Twitter account to private. We hope that he and his house are ok.


    That is insane. I hope he got it under control!



      According to this, three apartments burned and the body of a woman was found. Seen some mentions of three others being injured. There's pictures (and video) from outside too, of the smoking building and the aftermath.

      The slowness with which he moves in reaction to this is just dumbfounding. Too much Minecraft, you can't just wander around and let it do its thing til you feel like punching it out.

        That's not the same fire. Same area, different fire.

          Geez. Unlucky area :/

          But lucky for him I guess, if he didn't get anyone hurt.

          Just out of curiosity, how do you know it's not the same fire?

          I just watch it and feel bad for the guy.

            As a human I feel bad for him, but I also feel angry that he allowed that to happen. Yes I say "allow" because I didn't feel any sense of urgency coming from him.

              We should judge the quality of people based on their perceived urgency/

                We should judge the quality of people people's inability to handle an emergency based on their perceived urgency how poorly they handled an emergency/Fixed that for you.

      Jesus. I just watched the video and it does not look like he got it under control. Not at all. That's just scary to see.

    I wonder what the implications of something like this would be for insurance?

    That text to speech thing is just making it more creepy

    Surprised he didn't try to put it out with a bottle of metho.

    Thats why I always keep some spare buckets of water in a chest

    On a real note, hope everyone is okay. Property can be replaced (albeit expensive...), lives are important

    Last edited 05/10/15 9:16 pm

    So he picks up a burning bag, dumps it in the corner of his room and leaves to get water. Why didn't he just take the bag to the sink or shower straight away??? I hope he is ok but he was way too casual about it.

      The burning bag eventually burned its way through though after a couple of steps so I doubt he would've been able to get it to the kitchen. If he acted a couple of seconds earlier when his back wasn't turned it could've been fine

    Well if his insurances people saw this, good luck getting the money.

      Why? Insurance companies are there in case of accidents. This was clearly an accident, not a deliberate act.

    Jeeze thats bad. Poor guy. I really hope nobody was injured.
    He nearly had it there at the start, if he'd just smothered the flame instead of dabbing at it.

    After seeing this I suddenly want to invest in a fire blanket! $20 at Officeworks

    "Hmm lemme just throw this burning bit of paper here. Oh ... there's more burning paper ... let me throw it into some cardboard boxes on the other side. Damn, still burning ... let me beat it out with a plastic bag full of styrofoam packing peanuts. Hmm ... still burning ... better get a foot-bath full of water". Didn't this guy have an actual BUCKET ? Didn't he think NOT to throw burning things into other more flammable materials, and then try to beat it out with what looks suspiciously like more flammable materials still (I mean i don't know for sure he had styrofoam packing peanuts in the bag he was trying to beat it out with but it sure looks like it could be). Definitely NOT how to control a small blaze and stop it from spreading ...

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