Minecraft's New Flying Capes Look Fantastic

Minecraft's New Flying Capes Look Fantastic

Would you look at that. Steve is flying!

Two days ago, Minecraft developer Tommaso Checchi teased that something "like Mario 64" was coming to Minecraft. He called it a "secret feature."

Since then, Minecraft developer Jens Bergensten has taken to Twitter to share a few GIFs and images of a cape-like item that lets you whiz around in the game. Behold:

"They fold when you land and replace the cape (if any) when equipped," Bergensten wrote. "They are styled as the cape + new Mojang cape." Bergensten notes that these items cannot be crafted, they can only be found. Here's a closer look:

Minecraft's New Flying Capes Look Fantastic

This cape feature slated to drop with the 1.9 "Combat Update," though we can't say for certain when, exactly, that will be. Still though: pretty cool, no? Flying around was one of my favourite features in Cube World, so it's exciting to see that be officially implemented by Minecraft too. Taking to the skies is just such a treat in exploration games like this.


    33mb GIF!?!

    Also, sweet!

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    Looks great, but one of the biggest problems with fast-flying mods is chunk generation speed, especially on servers. I wonder if they've improved on that at all this update.

    Can you go as high as top of generated world? or is there a certain hight limit, like you can only fly below clouds etc?

      I found out if you use a Ramp launcher you can go as high as the clouds..
      See below:

    Can you guys at Kotaku PLEASE talk about how people in this game can now do Base Jumping + Stunts:
    Personal Fav:

    Um don't you just double tap the jump button to fly (that might be creative mode only - not sure - my kids play it not me!)

      Yeah, that's creative only. There's no flight in survival mode in the base game yet.

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