More People Need To Use D-Walker In Metal Gear Solid V

And this video is the proof.

Me? I'm a D-Dog man. Sometimes I'll start missions with the horse so I can cover more ground. Maybe I've been playing this game wrong all this time. Maybe I need some more time with D-Walker. This guy can uppercut soldiers across the map. You can't compete with that. Even a dog with goggles can't compete with that.

But really, it's the pants that make this video. The Big Boss pants.


    I've been maining Quiet because when she starts firing people start falling asleep around you and the ones that haven't fallen are too busy looking for her to notice you standing right behind them fultoning out prisoners. The constant presence of D-Walker upgrades keeps making me want to try it out though and this video has more or less sealed that deal. I want those pants too.

    The main problem is the deploy cost of D-Walker. A fully equipped D-Walker will cost 20k + GMP per deployment. Probably the best companion for late game but early to mid game the cost is too high.

    Never used D-Walker. I think it is due to the fact you can't build a relationship with him compared to D-Horse, D-Dog and Quiet. I was hoping he would be an A.I. sort of like in Portal.

    he tends to run out of ammo way to fast as well. mow down a couple of outposts and boom no more ammo left

    I don't use him simply because he is more of a vechicle then a buddy and should be put under that class. A buddy should be more or less someone that can independently follow/scout for you. This guy is basically like a walking tank that gets you spotted easier.

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