Mortal Kombat's Kotal Kahn Wipes 95% Of Your Life Out With One Kombo

Mortal Kombat X was already great because of some of the absurd fatalities and kombos in the game, and Kotal Kahn represented some of the silliest of those.

But this latest one is just borderline nuts. It might even be straight up broken.

Lesson one in MKX: don't get stuck in the corner. Everyone's been air juggled at least once in their lives, and if you want to reduce the chances of that happening for the love of God don't get hit in the corner without some meter for a combo breaker.

KillaZacc922 made that unfortunate mistake in the final round of a best-of-three. The result? Reptile's life went from 100% to 5%. In a single combo. Watch.

What's admirable is how KillaZ (that's his proper name, according to the community) nearly won the set anyway with some old-fashioned rushdown tactics. Had Kotal Kahn not used a bit of meter to gain some armour on the axe throw, he'd have probably lost.

But 95%. Good God. That's insane. Wonder if NetherRealm are really OK with that.


    This is the only thing i hate about the new MK is the juggle system. Takes the fun of playing online.

    Sounds like the character should be in Bloodborne!

    He buffed himself up pretty insanely before that combo happened though, it's kinda the other player's fault for letting him do that.

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