Need For Speed Rinses Out Its Soundtrack

The worldly folks over at Ghost Games, an interesting mix of Swedish, UK, and Romanian-based talent, have clearly discovered what all too few developers know these days: Drum n Bass music goes pretty damn well with fast-paced gameplay.

As the superior form of audio entertainment, the high BPM of Drum n Bass is a perfect fit for racing games, action games (DmC knew it), arcade, and more. The upcoming Need for Speed will take advantage of this, and a couple of Aussie producers will benefit. There are some non-DnB tracks on there too, and some clever programmer has made some good choices. All things considered it's looking quite stellar. It's perhaps not "FIFA 09" stellar, but it's looking not too far off.

Our very own Sydney-based DnB producer, Royalston, makes an appearance with his forthcoming track Blight Mamba. I remember seeing Royalston's first DJ gig, when he was a wee lad getting the hang of beatmatching. Since then, he's risen to great heights through the Hospital label, and now his name is put in big ol' letters on all the party fliers.

Trap makes a decent appearance too, with another local legend, Alison Wonderland, making an appearance with U Don't Know.

There's a hefty portion of DnB on this soundtrack, and they're not just sticking with the usual mainstream stuff like Pendulum. Some of it gets nasty. Like this business from Reso's Ricochet album:

Or this rather heavy stuff from June Miller:

Phace, who's on tour in Australia at the moment and plays at Manning Bar in Sydney tonight (say hi if you see me there), also gets off:

Surprisingly filthy bass music for a triple-A game, and I'm 100% on-board.

There's also this fun one from Lynx. The music video is worth checking out:

In amongst it all are a few hip hop tracks from the likes of Run The Jewels. But DnB is the real star, with some decent Trap too, and it's good to see a few Aussie artists in there.

You can check out the full soundtrack here.


    DnB is the best for NFS.

    Used to crank it on 360 when you could do custom soundtracks (A feature still missing on the Xbox One)

    The old NFS soundtracks were great, before they started licensing tracks. I still listen to them at work sometimes.

      Logged in just to agree and upvote. Need For Speed SE soundtrack!
      Still love it

    That first track is called Move It by Reso, from the album Ricochet. Such a good album and even better artist, thought I should put that one out there :)

    Was it Forza Horizon 2 that had the in-game DnB radio station by Hospital Records you could listen to? While I never played it, I thought that was a brilliant idea and great to see more DnB featured in games.

      Yeah I think that's right. There's a fair amount of Hospital in this one too. Clearly they're on board with gaming. Lift your game, RAM!

        In Forza Horizon's trailers, there are mainly Hospital Records music. Here are the songs:

        Logistics - Feels So Good (Album: Fear Not!)
        Netsky - Wanna Die For You (Feat. Diane Charlemagne) (Album: 2)
        Netsky - Puppy (Album: 2)
        Netsky - Without You (Beta Version) (Single)

        In Forza Horizon 2's DLC trailers, there are also some Hospital Records music. Here are the songs:

        Metrik - Believe (Feat. Jan Burton) (Album: Universal Language) (Also found in-game)
        Fred V & Grafix - Major Happy (Albums: Sick Music 3 / Recognise)
        Hugh Hardie - Golden Hour (Album: Hospitality BBQ Bangers EP)

    As a drum and bass DJ, I have to say that track list is amazing. I went from no interest in this to putting a pre-order down very quick. Also, have fun at Phace tonight, saw him last night here in perth, was amazing.

    Last edited 17/10/15 2:46 pm

    Also, how could you forget to mention spor!?!?!?

      Inorite? There was just too much to put in!

      I'll be at Phace tonight as well. Do you DJ in Sydney? Good chance I've seen you out.

        Nah unfortunately I'm over in Perth. The only good thing about living in Perth is that there is so much DnB. Last night we had 2 different events, Critical Music and Heist and Harry Shotta, and tonight we have Jinx. Crazy how many internationals we have every week.

        You going to make the trip over for Origin this NYE?

          We'll see... I've got a mate who keeps trying to get me over there, but he just became a father hehe. Not sure what's happening in Sydney yet. Our nightlife sucks but NYE might still have something going on.

            Hope you have an amazing, DnB filled one where ever you end up!

    It is actually a pretty good line up of tracks, though I personally miss the times when the NFS soundtracks were inclusive of multiple genres. I remember losing my shit when I saw Avenged Sevenfold and Mastodon in Most Wanted.

    Best track list ever! Cant wait to drift the streets listening to this :)

    Can't beat GTA3 and MSX FM (by Moving Shadow):

    Also got the bonus CD with GTA2 that had more of Moving Shadows tracks

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