Nice Brawling Animations, Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Nice Brawling Animations, Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Last year I was impressed with a state of the art Assassin's Creed kiss. This year? The latest Assassin's Creed team has upped their game with combat animations.

Enjoy some arse-kicking and some bone-crunching, folks, especially the finishing animations at the end of each of these clips:

Some of the combat animations outside of the fight clubs are wild, too. Here's Jacob with the cane sword:

Some of the cane-sword stuff is intense. Here's one that was posted to YouTube today by TheArkhamArchangel and highlighted on the Assassin's Creed subreddit. Like I was saying, the animations in this game get your attention.

Not every animation in AC Syndicate goes well, but I'm nevertheless having a very good time with the game. It's good.


    I actually think the fighting animations look a bit stuttery and jerky. They're very stylish and you can tell what the animation team was going for, but it looks a bit stitched together.

      Yeah I thought the headline was being sarcastic.

        The main gif looks like bad professional wrestling or a Three Stooges cartoon..

        Skinny girl with a twisting, off-balance punch to the gut and the guy keels over like he was shot.

        Yeah I also came here under the premise the article was poking fun at how terrible the animations looked. I guess one humans trash is anothers treasure or something like that.

    man, those brawls were brutal. loved the one where she tossed one guy into/onto the due that was on his knees.
    and pinning someone to a wall with you blades, that was awesome.

    the Boxing Witcher 2 is way better looking that the header gif. its almost finger poke of doom levels of absudity.

    Oh dear.
    The GIF animation makes it look like she's playing pat-a-cake, with absolutely no power to those punches, and yet, it's enough to knock out these two beefcakes with a gentle tap to the head? Please.
    Oh god, it gets worse, having watched the first video. Everyone patiently waits for their turn to be beaten up, with little defence or limited aggression.
    I thought AC was getting better ? Based on this footage, it's one to completely avoid.

    EDIT: This isn't arse kicking. Arse kicking is Geena Davis in the Long Kiss Goodbye or Angelina Jolie in Salt.
    This is ballet with punches.

    Last edited 28/10/15 1:05 pm

      That final jump in the air and hitting each guy either side of her looked terrible... A child could make it look more believable...

      Seriously thought the article title was being sarcastic and this was the weekly hightlight reel

    animations are cool. gif not so much. my suspension of disbelief broke tho. :/

    edit: also serious clipping in the gif. it looks really jarring watching this tiny woman beat the shit out of those two hulks. at least put her in the batsuit or something :/

    Last edited 28/10/15 2:06 pm

    Glad I passed on this. Ill pick up the statue version over Christmas for like 50 bucks.

    Yeah. Better stick to sword fighting animations, Ubisoft. *shudder*

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