Nielsen Rates Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 As The Most Wanted Game For The Rest Of 2015

It probably makes sense when you think about how much money Call of Duty actually makes, although it's probably not what I would have picked for overall community engagement.

It's the latest survey from market researchers Nielsen who, as reported by Gamasutra, have ranked Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 as the most anticipated game for the rest of the year based on a range of metrics.

Those metrics reportedly include consumer rating, awareness, purchase interest and other things that Nieslen isn't talking about. Games are rated on a percentage scale out of 100, with the percentage showing "how strong the overall anticipation level is for the title, relative to the pre-release anticipation levels of all previous titles that released on the platform(s)".

Basically, that means the 98% of people who Nielsen rates as wanting Black Ops 3 is more or less a measurement of those who bought into Advanced Warfare last year and their excitement for this year's iteration.

Second on the multi-platform list is Fallout 4 (95%), which would probably top the list if engagement for Fallout Shelter was measured — and also if there was some way to gauge activity on social media and forums. Assassin's Creed: Syndicate magically appears third on the list with an anticipation rating of 95%. Free beer at PAX from me if you have a credible explanation on how the wizardry worked there. (Stories involving dice rolls do not count.)

As for platform exclusives, it's largely what you'd expect. The Uncharted re-mastered collection leads the way for the PS4 with a 79% rating, perhaps quelled somewhat by the desire for remasters. Halo 5: Guardians has the highest anticipation rating of any title with 100%, although that's undoubtedly influenced by Halo 5 being the main game you'd actually bother buying an Xbox One for.

StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void has a high 91% rating, perhaps reflective of how much fans are looking forward to seeing the conclusion of the RTS space opera that has been ongoing for over a decade. Yoshi's Woolly World has a 91% rating of its own for Wii U, while Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden is tied with The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes for upcoming 3DS titles.

I find it a little interesting that Rise of the Tomb Raider wasn't included in the Xbox One exclusives, given that it's not launching on PC until next year, and the way the figures works out means anticipation is apparently greater for Need for Speed than Star Wars: Battlefront.

I suspect it's more a case of "do I think this game is going to be better than the one previous" rather than "do I think this is the game I absolutely want and will totally take a week or two off work to binge", because I can't find any other reasonable excuse for AC: Syndicate being that high.

Either way, they're market figures. The rest of the world often works in a way that doesn't entirely make sense when translated to video games, although at least it's right that almost everyone and their dog is a bit keen on Fallout 4.


    I honestly could not care less for another cod if I tried.

      Well you care enough about cod to comment on how much you don't care. :P

        Yes, but the list is about more than CoD. I was surprised FO4 wasn't first, but was quickly satisfied to see it at number 2.

        I haven't been interested in a CoD game since Modern Warfare 2 (and lost interest quickly), and I know this is personal taste. But, I just don't enjoy the series and neither do the friends of mine who have tried the more recent games. They pump them out so quickly that the developers themselves have admitted they don't spend long on each one. Maybe this one is different, but I personally haven't been interested in even looking at the series any more. Part of that may be my Battlefield bias, and I acknowledge that there are certain things that Battlefield is guilty of too.

        I'm much more excited for the new Fallout game though. I recently started playing New Vegas and the setting and story are still great. I'm running over 100 user mods though, so it's not like they're perfect games when they're first released. But I will play it through without mods first, like I have with all the Bethesda games, and I'm rarely disappointed by them.

      Has he not heard of fallout4?

    Man I kinda miss CoD. But the yearly releases really drained me. A shame too, since this time it's Treyarch at the helm.

      Advanced Warfare was a good return to form, as well. Evil Kevin Spacey was great dumb fun.

      I reinstalled CoD4 a couple of months back, Internode servers still had enough dudes in them for fun games. Was crazy how smooth and precise everything felt compared to modern games!

      Though perhaps modern CoD's still feel like that and I just don't know, since I've not bought one since MW2 and hardly remember playing that.

    I reckon Star Wars Battlefront will sell more than CoD this year based on the marketing hype surrounding the movie series, and the game itself, while Fallout 4 will be the one we'll be talking about in 5 years from now.

    Halo 5: Guardians has the highest anticipation rating of any title with 100%, although that’s undoubtedly influenced by Halo 5 being the main game you’d actually bother buying an Xbox One for.

    Really? I don't think I've ever been so annoyed to read something on this site

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