Nintendo Is Nerfing A Bunch Of Splatoon Weapons

Nintendo Is Nerfing a Bunch of Splatoon Weapons

For those who didn't like how some of the Rollers and Blasters were balanced, good news. Nintendo will fix that in an update. For those who did like the way they are now, well, sorry!

The 2.2.0 Splatoon update hits on October 20 and recalibrates weapons that do seem overpowered, such as the Carbon Roller and the Splat Roller.

In the clip, the characters 変更前 mean "Prior to Change," and the characters 変更後 mean "After Change."

And the Dynamo Roller:

Here's how the Luna Blaster, the Blaster, and the Range Blaster will work:

So far, the reaction to the update announcement has been pretty good!

You can read the full patch notes here.


    Excellent. That's how you nerf OP stuff. Not by lowering damage across the board or completely redesigning or removing features, but by making sure that skill is rewarded with full effect.

    Correction not all the blasters got nerfed... my blaster of choice - Rapid Blaster got buffed! :D

    It now shoots out faster when you pop out from Ink AND shoots slightly faster :D

    This is so great. Blasters and rollers are the worst. Loving the sound of that Inkzooka nerf too.

    Though I am worried about how the E-Litre nerfs will affect my short-range game. Gonna have to hit the test range once the patch lands.

    So I recently started playing this.
    Every now and then there is a massive circular explosion of paint - what the heck is that? I always get out of the way but it kind of looks like a paint tornado.

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