Nintendo's First Mobile Game Is Called Miitomo, Out In 2016

Nintendo's First Mobile Game Is Called Miitomo, Out In 2016

Today in Japan, Nintendo announced its first smartphone game. It's a free-to-play title and called Miitomo.

"Tomo" refers to "friend" in Japanese.

Nintendo's First Mobile Game Is Called Miitomo, Out In 2016

According to The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo said that the game is ideal for players who are reluctant to reveal things about themselves or talk to others.

In Miitomo, each player first makes their own Mii. Then, players are asked a series of questions and based on those answers, they communicate with other Miis.

Think of it as a social networking game, but for Miis.

Miitomo will be out by March 2016. As mentioned previously, it's free-to-play but with add-ons available for purchase. This is the first of five smartphone games Nintendo has announced it's releasing by March 2017. Other titles will be paid downloads.

Nintendo's First Mobile Game Is Called Miitomo, Out In 2016


    Rather interesting. Essentially tomodachi life on mobile?

      Wouldn't that just be Tomodachi Life?

        Well with the lack of play style like Tomodachi Life. Probably good for Japan market since anonymous social network chat seems to be a big hit there.

          Yeah, looks like Tomodachi Life without all the weirdness, seems interesting though.

          The joke was that TL is already on a mobile device. It was a play on ambiguity.

          Last edited 29/10/15 4:32 pm

            Huh since when was Tomodachi Life on mobile device?

      Looks like tomodachi life if you only ever got to create one mii, in one room, and the only interaction was them asking a couple of questions whose answers may be passed to others. It almost sounds like SteetPass Mii plaza, if you stripped everything out except the gate section... And possibly removed StreetPass functionality.

        I think it is going to be close to twitter/facebook. One person write a message(like a tweet or status update) and people just comment and talk about it. Probably have public chat + private chat as well.

    I mean I wasn't expecting a full IP mobile game to be released straight away, but they're playing it too safe with this one.

    Last edited 29/10/15 2:34 pm

      But they did mention the first round of games will not have any major IP. They also said they are not looking into developing major on mobile but merely exist to be pull users to Nintendo or something alone the lines.

        Don't forget about Pokemon Go. Can't wait to jump into that.

    I misread the title as Miiamoto. I thought we were getting a virtual Miamoto to care for.

      If they released something like Seaman, but with a little pet Miyamoto, they would sell millions.

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