Travel The Galaxy, Meet New Creatures And Shoot Them in No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky Is Finally Coming Out In June 2016

Briefly: There have been endlessly impressive trailers for No Man's Sky, but it's never been clear when we were actually going to play the game. Now we know: June 2016. Of course, there is a new trailer, too, showing off the planetary combat.

Check it out below:


    Man, I want to believe...

    I still have a feeling this is going to be the biggest let down, but until then; all aboard the hype train!

      I too share your opinion, too many bullshit letdowns over the last 24 months have made me quite cynical these days.

      Yeah me too.
      I think the game will get lonely, like Minecraft in the Alpha days when you couldnt interact with anyone.

      The game says that the things you see and discover are pushed to the "Big universe", but you cant interact with any other human players :(

      Very skeptical. I want this to be the game that makes me get a PS4 (as I'm not seeing a release for XB1 and my computer struggles to run simple games atm)...

    I hope that finally puts paid to all those click bait article insisting it would come out in October.

    I was hoping for a Xmas release :(

    Really nice to see some more variety in the worlds. It looks good.

    Is the article a Farscape reference?

    The combat and general interaction is what I am concerned about. Nothing looks to have that weighty dangerous feel like Destiny does.

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