Now That's A Great Zombie Prop For Halloween

Now That's A Geat Zombie Prop For Halloween

Replace the fridge at home with Roy Mueller's zombie containment unit and you'll scare off pretty much everyone.

It's a nice combination of various effects and it really looks like an actual zombie's trying to escape from its chamber.


    ...and it's gone.

      and its back...

        Which makes my post completely irrelevant.

          There there.

          It looks like he removed the video so he could repost it to make money if it went viral.

          It looks great, but I think the screen is mounted too high, doesn't leave enough 'headroom' to be believable.

            How to punk people: Make people think it's not real, but actually have someone in the fridge in zombie makeup.

    And the perspective seems ever so slightly off, like we're looking down slightly.

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