Of Course Capcom Is Making Resident Evil 7

Of course Capcom is making Resident Evil 7! In a recent Dengeki interview, when producer Masachika Kawata was asked about RE7, he replied, "At this time, I can't currently talk about it... Please look forward to it."

You can read it here. How's your Japanese?


    Meh, it's not going to be as good as RE4.

      That game was great. Played it through several times on the GameCube and then the definitive edition on the Wii. That version was pretty great, the aiming was really well done. I was measurably better on that one.

    If you'd asked me when I was fifteen if I'd ever wish that Capcom would just give up on Resident Evil, the notion would have been inconceivable.
    "More Resident Evil," I would have demanded, "MORE!"
    Fifteen year old me also thought he'd marry his sweetheart. Although that fell apart faster than Resident Evil did, I would argue that it was equally as painful to accept.

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