Off Topic: The Weird Ways Video Games Changed Us

It's crazy the way video games affect you when you're a child. When I was younger I loved Monkey Island so much that I wanted to actually live in Melee Island and be a pirate. I even tried to walk like Guybrush Threepwood! I was a strange kid.

To this day I kinda still walk like Guybrush Threepwood.

What are some of the weird ways video games changed you?


    Miles Edgeworth made me try to be more suave. I still won't dress like him yet, though.

    Video games made me reclusive and anti-social, and...
    Oh, wait, that was other people, not video games...

    I think being a fan of turn based JRPGs with convoluted plots & gameplay prepared me for my career as a government shit kicker.

    I spend all day processing things in a convoluted interface & explaining to others how & why.

    Yay money, I guess.

    Video games made it so that I no longer watch TV.

    I love them for this above all other reasons.

    I used to be a normal guy. Now I want to rape and murder and steal cars and eat babies and kick dogs.

    Thanks video games.

      All you had to do was follow the damn train, CJ.

        Im gonna sue rockstar one day for that damn game

    GTA is the reason I'm currently doing a life sentence for murdering hookers.

    I'd say that my interest in games has resulted in me having a very solution-driven personality. I tend to try to break down everything into problems to solve, challenges to overcome. I like this about myself, but this is not necessarily a good thing. If there is no immediately apparent course of action (or someone just wants to complain about something to vent) I find myself irritable. I hear a complaint and my immediate response is "ok, what do you need me to do?" or I start trying to brainstorm solutions instead of just sitting and listening for awhile. Which is weird because in games I only try to skip the cutscenes after I've seen them a few times already.

    I think some MMO's have made me think of some games as a job. Or chores.

    So much so that when I was up early one Saturday, logged in to WoW, got my dailies out of the way first thing, I felt like I had the rest of the day free to enjoy myself.

    Sean Devlin taught me to say 'Feck!' (and ogle pretty girls in the cabaret).
    Adam Jensen taught me that you don't always get what you want (and sometimes get things you didn't ask for).
    Vincent Brooks taught me to be wary of pretty girls trying to seduce me (and to be nice to sheep).
    Juliet Starling taught me the value of sparkle time.
    Noire taught me everything good about tsundere guidance.
    Kat reinforced my love of cats, and taught me that both falling and rising are relative.
    Joel made me determined to protect my family, whatever the cost.
    Snake taught me that cigarettes will damage your health (even if they make you feel good at the time!)
    Knack showed me that from small things, big things can grow.
    Kanji Tatsumi taught me how to be a true man.
    ...and many more!

    I don't think video games have really changed me. It's just a thing that I like doing as the person that I already am. One thing though I can say is that EVE Online sort of taught me how to become a more financially successful person in real life.

    In EVE Online I was making 200 million ISK per day in my first month of playing and it opened my eyes to how I should plan the rest of my life. Now I'm setting financial milestones for myself like $100k a year by the time I'm 30 years old and such and setting out a road map on how to get there.

    Of course, we'll have to see how I got along when I'm 30, but I'm pretty confident of my chances and I've already come a very, very long way. Good bye poverty line!

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    I don't know how my life would be if not for video games.
    They've cemented my friendships, helped me cope with the toughest times in my life, developed my sense of humour and my problem solving skills.
    I've played games as long as I can remember.
    I'll continue playing them for as long as I can.
    When I'm not playing them I read about them, think about them, talk about them.
    I do have other interests and stay active fit and healthy but they are so core to how I identify and who I am that I honestly can't conceive who I would be without them.

    While I work in IT (long story short), I liked the charm of the journals in the Myst games so much that I keep a small notebook with me and even write primarily with a fountain pen.

    And I don't mean a disposable one, I mean where one has to load in a cartridge (pun not intended) or fill a piston from a bottle.

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