Official Fallout Controller Looks Hot

Official Fallout Controller Looks Hot

Well, mostly hot. The colour scheme is amazing. I could have lived without that Vault Boy sitting weirdly in the corner, though.

Not that it matters. As of right now, the thing is already sold out on Bethesda's store; anyone else wanting one can either hope the rush results in a second production run, or that they can survive the mark-up eBay sellers will be charging.

Official Fallout Controller Looks Hot


    Eh, it's much too clean. I would have preferred something power armour themed.

      I like this idea! Power armour theme would've looked way better!

    But it's wired. Would also look better without the Fallout boy.

      Are you sure it's wired and that's not the charging port that all XB1 controllers have?

          The article implied an official Microsoft controller with an official Fallout livery, since it's a third party product wired is the only option.

    Vault Boy aside, if my screen and eyes are right that looks like a flesh tone, where I would have expected something more towards a definite yellow.
    I fail to see the amazing. More like an "ah".

      If your flesh looks like that, please, go see a doctor immediately!

      it isn't a very nice yellow, should be a bit brighter.

      Could custom mod an Official Controller to look better

        Yeah I think we can agree this is anything but "hot".

    Don't get me wrong, nice color scheme, but if it wasn't for the oddly placed Fallout boy, you'd have no idea that it was a Fallout controller to begin with.

    They should have actually put some work into this to give it a Fallout feel, or at least put it in the colors we've seen Fallout 4 advertised in: white and dark green.

    Looks like a 3rd party controller, if so I'm not touching it.

    Last edited 22/10/15 9:11 am

    Looks like a pokemon controller lol
    But yea this is a 3rd party controller so its almost guaranteed to be shit compared to the ms ones

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