OK, NBA2K16, That Sure Is An Intro

OK, NBA2K16, That Sure Is An Intro

NBA2K16 is a AAA sports game with a big budget, big licensing, superstars on the cover and an ambitious singleplayer campaign helmed by an Academy Award-nominated director in Spike Lee. Believe it or not, then, this is the game's intro.

Um, what?


    Wow, that sucked pretty bad.
    And every single face - so, so dead.

    believe it or not spike lee ruined mycareer

      That's been the biggest complaint about this game. Everything else about the game is solid except anything that Spike Lee had a hand in. I'm almost scared to open my Jordan Edition of this game.

      oh I believe it....I am living it now.

      be the "whateverspikeleewantyourstorytobe" storey !!

      (otherwise yeah the game is solid)

    That's cool and all but when are we going to get another NBA Jam or NBA Hangtime... I want outrageous dunks and wicked soundtrack.

      NBA Street on the GameCube was the shit.

        NBA Hangtime on the 64 was the best, 2 on 2 create your own character. Insane dunks, team fire. It was awesome. It had a Coolio opening theme song.

          I loved that game. There were awesome button and controller stick inputs you could put in before the game started. Just about every match I played was on the court on top of a high rise in the city.

    How does the opening sequence manage to look so much worse than ingame graphics?

    Am i the only one that has enjoyed the intro?

    Loving the game as well i agree the storyline with Spike is a bit meh but apparently after the first season everything goes back to normal my career and it is really solid.

    cannot wait to actually start a franchise soon as well.

      Yeah but it's annoying you only get 8 games in your rookie year and I'm white with a black biological twin who talks like a gangster. Surely they could have had me be adopted or with a foster family or something.

        That is a pretty big piss off lol, Although my face scan makes me look like mama so if i wasn't white it would work.

    I thought it was pretty cool. Haven't picked up the game yet but lookin forward to it.

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