Over 50% Of Players Finished Tomb Raider, Sequel Will Be 15-20 Hours Long

Over 50% Of Players Finished Tomb Raider, Sequel Will Be 15-20 Hours Long

The numbers might be slightly skewed because of the single-player focus, but in a world where developers are walking away from single-player campaigns it’s understandable that Crystal Dynamics would be proud about the figure.

EB Expo is just around the corner. The public will get access to the show floor from tomorrow morning and, if the last few years are any guide, tens of thousands of gamers will be jamming their way through the turnstiles at Homebush’s Sydney Showgrounds.

It’s not quite the size of PAX Australia, but it gets a decent turnout all the same. The same could be said of the developer presence, with a few major developers traditionally making the trip down to Australia for the event.

One of those is Michael Brinker, Crystal Dynamics’s lead designer on Rise of the Tomb Raider. He stopped by the Kotaku offices for a chat as part of the pre-show media rounds, and it was there that he happily revealed that more than half of everyone who played the original Tomb Raider managed to finish the game.

“If you look at people completing the game itself, you’re looking at over a 50% completion rate. And that’s unheard of in any game I’ve ever worked on, even in other games in the industry,” Brinker exclaimed.

The natural follow-up, then, was why almost half of people who bought Tomb Raider failed to see their way through what was undeniably the game’s main selling point. Brinker’s answer: time.

“Gamers are grown up,” he said. “They have families. I think a lot of people they, there’s so much time spent on life, in general. When you sit down and play a game and have a experience, it’s tough, you only have so much time. I think that’s also why it’s a tough business to be in. So really it just boils down to people’s time.”

Figures aren’t available for each platform, although 45.9% of those who own the original Tomb Raider on Steam finished the game.

Compared to other major releases, it’s a solid figure. Only 24.5% of players finished the final mission in Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC; 35.4% of Dying Light players on PC received the Bittersweet achievement, unlocked upon finishing the game.

Brinker added that Rise of the Tomb Raider’s story would be between 15 and 20 hours long, while completionists could expect to get between 30 and 40 hours.


    • I played Tomb Raider through twice, on Xbox 360 and then again on Xbox One (I actually re-purchased it, before it went free on Games with Gold).

      Didn’t touch the multiplayer. not even once. I said I would for achievements after renewing my gold sub, but I didn’t. Apparently it wasn’t that bad, but eh. I didn’t even go around finding all the collectibles. I think knowing I wasn’t going to get all the multiplayer achievements killed my motivation for completionism. I assume RotTR will have multiplayer too, and achievements for those. I wish it didn’t.

      • Your wish is granted Rise of the Tombraider doesn’t have Multiplayer They said they wanted to focus all there attention on the Singleplayer.

        • all these years and that’s the wish that gets granted. Well by the terms of Aladdin v Genie, I believe I have two more.

  • Is it only because of time though? The people who stopped playing because it was boring or it didn’t hold their attention would be the people I’d be more interested in. I have less time for games these days but I still play 30+ hour JRPGs solidly while other times I get bored and leave unfinished an 8 hour game.

    • Count me as one of those who thought it was boring and didn’t finish it, I almost always finish what I start but this did nothing for me and uninstalled about 2/3 through. When it comes down to it I’m just not in the target market for AAA gaming. Many of my issues with the game are the same I have in most major titles these days, things which are more or less accepted as part of contemporary game design. Hard to be disappointed, it’s just not for me.

  • I did find Tomb Raider underwhelming despite finishing it. Having an interesting and somewhat developed character might alleviate that, at least this game acknowledges she’s “Rising” as a Tomb Raider because last time she turned into a brutally efficient killer mere minutes after having to kill and animal for ____. Heavily undermined the potential drama in such a cinematic, dramatic presentation.

  • I think 15-20 hours is a good length for a focused, single-player title.

    It’ll be interesting to see how they go expanding the story for the next game, I though the ‘battered survivor’ aspect of the last game was probably the best part.
    Not sure how you go about replicating that in a sequel though. It’s a bit like Max Payne- there’s only so many times that you can shoot your way back from rock bottom.

    • Well I don’t know about the third but I see this being more about PTSD than anything else, how she is physically capable now but her mind still is not. I’m holding out for this game, high hopes.

  • I finished it twice on PS3, once on PS4 and the first level on PC. I break their stats. 😀

  • The last one Had really good mechanics and carefully designed levels. Played it on PS3 and again on PS4.

  • hate platformers, and i havent even touched the other games but i will say i got this on pc and absolutely love it

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