Patient Man Walks Across Every Grand Theft Auto Game

Patient Man Walks Across Every Grand Theft Auto Game

Driving is for the weak. Reader Conor decided the other day to traverse Grand Theft Auto the hard way: by walking. Across not one of the games, but all of them.

Aside from GTA III and Vice City, which have you run by default, he walked "the longest distance corner to corner" across each of the game's maps, recording the entire journey along the way (which you can see as a timelapse below).

Surprisingly, as you can see it "only" took him around 4 hours and 40 minutes to complete the whole series. I'd have thought it would take that long just to walk across GTAV's Los Santos, but nope, you can stroll across that map in "just" 52 minutes.

Good job not dying, Conor!


    I walk in all my games, if holding the stick fully forward allows it, with a button for running. If pushing the stick fully forward causes the character to jog/run, and walking requires me to hold the stick a bit back from the "fully forward" position, then no walking will be done in that game.

      This. Except on PC (toggle run ftw)

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    It takes two weeks to walk from one end of the Elder Scrolls : Daggerfall map to the other. This guy's an amateur.

      It takes the same amount of time to do that in Morrowind. Not because it is big but you need to stop every 5 steps to fight a Cliff Racer.

    I stopped watching when he did GTAV in first-person.

    Should do Just Cause 2 next took ages to fly across that map let alone walk it.

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