PAX Australia 2015: The Queue Hype Is Real

PAX Australia 2015: The Queue Hype Is Real

While everyone was waiting outside the exhibition halls and the convention centre here in Melbourne for the doors to officially open for PAX Australia 2015, I grabbed my recorder and spoke to the crowd to get a sense of what people were excited for.

It’s a wonderful, warm atmosphere here in Melbourne, even if the weather isn’t*. People are happy and vibrant, and you can see it in the queues. People are smiling, happy to be in the company of others who love PAX, gaming and basically all the same things as themselves.

But the doors weren’t quite open yet, so I took the chance to go through some of the queues to talk to a couple of people. You’ll be able to get a sense of the atmosphere here, if you’re not able to attend (or if you’re only coming on the Saturday/Sunday).

There’ll be plenty more coverage over the next three days, so stay tuned for more info from PAX Australia 2015!

* Note: the weather’s actually OK, I’m just doing that Sydneysider thing. Sorry for those offended!


  • What’s with you New South Waleans having jabs at our weather? It’s actually lovely today!*

    *Any day in Melbourne that’s not below 12 degrees or covered in rain or hail is considered lovely, give us a break.

  • The queues for panels at the first PAX Oz were the reason I haven’t been back since. Stuff waiting an hour and a half or more in queue only to find out that the cut-off is about 5 people in front of you when the theatre is full.

    • You and me both, and I was just as bitter about it, but I have been reliably informed that the new venue has done wonders for that.

      • I dunno why they don’t allow people to book advance tickets to the panels so that you don’t have to wait if you don’t want to. Those who didn’t book for panels could still queue up in case any booked people didn’t show up.

    • The first year was a bit of a disaster. But Pax at the Exhibition and Convention Centre is probably one of the best venues in the Country for an event like this. A lot more space, all indoors and dedicated conference rooms / theatres for the panels that can hold a large number of people.
      You are really missing out. Buy a Sunday ticket while they are still available!

      • I’m hearing it’s better now. I’ll probably make the trip down in the next year or two (I’m in Sydney) to see how things have improved.

    • I remember seeing a twitter account set up in the first year called PAX_AU_queues or something similar to try and track at which point a queue was actually full.

  • It’s a wonderful, warm atmosphere here in Melbourne, even if the weather isn’t.
    So tired of the jabs guys. This morning was pleasant enough to ride, in short sleeves to the station. It takes a while for Melbourne’s weather to get going, just wait till the arvo!

  • It’s a wonderful, warm atmosphere here in Melbourne, even if the weather isn’t.

    Sigh, indeed.

    It’s warmer than Sydney today with less wind, but, sure, let’s keep making the same old tired joke. haw haw.

    • You don’t need to be. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne has a higher variance in average temperature in October than Sydney does, around 20% less average sunshine hours for the month than Sydney does, and around 20% more rainy days than Sydney in the month, despite having less rain on average. Almost 50% of days in October are rainy (more than 0.2mm) in Melbourne. Case closed!

    • Tsk. All these complainers.

      What’s the point of interstate rivalries if you have to limit it to sports? Bring on the weather-based parochialism!

    • Geez, you’d think with their weather being as it is, Melbourneians would be more thick-skinned *.

      * It’s fun to put in footnotes! Oh, and I have spent some time in Melbourne. It’s a cool place. Often literally.

  • Please stop with the Jabs about the weather, they have nothing to do with the event.
    No to mention today is a great sunny day with a perfect high of 28 ….. maybe you need to get out more haha

    • It’s a touch gloomy, no doubt (hopefully that doesn’t impact our TAYbie celebrations)

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