Persona 4: Dancing All Night is Just As Fun At The Arcade

Persona 4: Dancing All Night is Just as Fun at the Arcade

I really enjoyedPersona 4: Dancing All Night. And so did Fahey. But as fun as it was on the Vita, there's something special about playing it on a giant arcade cabinet.

When playing Persona 4: Dancing All Night a few months back, something struck me as very familiar — namely the interface. After all, if you add two buttons and an additional touch screen mechanic, it would look and play almost exactly like Sega's arcade game MaiMai.

And being that Atlus is now owned by Sega, it makes perfect sense to see that some of the Persona 4: Dancing All Night songs have made the jump to MaiMai. These four songs are Pursuing my True Self, Time To Make History (AKIRA YAMAOKA Remix), Specialist ("Never More" ver.), and Signs Of Love ("Never More" ver.).

They play exactly as you would expect — up to and including the Persona 4 characters dancing in the background. Despite the actual prompts being a different shape, playing Dancing All Night on the Vita prepared me well for playing at the arcade on expert — though of course the players in the linked videos blow me completely out of the water. Regardless, I had a blast.

Interestingly enough, MaiMai isn't the only game to get these Persona 4 tracks. Sega's new hit music arcade, CHUNITHM, has them as well. And, let me tell you, playing those songs on that game — with its keyboard and several motion sensors tracking your hand movements — is a ton of fun as well.

Of course, MaiMai and CHUNITHM have many more songs than just the Dancing All Night tunes. Both have anime themes, pop hits and tons of game music. I mean, as fun as the Persona 4 songs are, when I play MaiMai, I'm always sure to spend part of each set going for something a bit more "Sega classic."


    Not long now until the AU release and my sweet, sweet Disco Fever Edition being in my hands.

      Where can you order the AU Disco Fever Edition? I've looked on both JB and EB websites and found nothing...

        I ordered mine from EB the day they went up. Great price too, $99.95. I think they filled their pre-orders very fast. If I were you I'd check local EB stores on release day for any excess or cancelled pre-orders. You could otherwise order it from but it is $119.99.

    I play that all the time with my friends at a local Timezone. So much fun and the higher difficulties are just insane when trying to keep track of everything.

    I love maimai! Used to play it heaps, but don't have much time now.

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