Player Turns Ark: Survival Evolved Into Messed Up Version Of Pac-Man

Player Turns Ark: Survival Evolved Into Messed Up Version Of Pac-Man

Those poor baby dinosaurs.

Ark: Survival Evolved player Mitt Gaming tried to recreate Pac-Man in the Steam dinosaur mega-hit, and the result was... well, there's a reason humans originally invented Pac-Man, as opposed to dinosaurs.

It's a grim spectacle. Instead of inserting a coin into the heartless machine, you drop a small dinosaur into gaming's most storied (and blue) labyrinth. Waiting for it are four other, extremely hungry dinosaurs coloured like Pac-Man's ghosts. You can probably see where this is going.

Spoiler: there were no survivors. Well, except for the titanoboa, but he figured out — improvised, really — a truth as old as time: the only way to completely win the game is to never play in the first place. Or to pass through a wall with slytherin glitch magic, as it were. Thus, in the end the greatest ghost of all... was man. Pac-Man. Wait no, it was just a giant snake. My bad.


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