Plenty Of Chance Halo 5 Could Appear On PC, Halo 5 Director Says

People have been raising their eyebrows at Microsoft's renewed push to make PC Gaming Big with Windows 10. Those questions have inevitably lead to queries about what games Microsoft might actually make available on PC — since it's not something they have a great track record of doing previously.

Popping something like, oh I don't know, Halo 5 on PC? That'd be interesting. And in a new livestream, series director Frank O'Connor has remarked that the possibility of Halo 5 coming to the PC is not as big a pipe dream as some think.

"There is plenty of chance that Halo 5 could appear on the PC," O'Connor told GamesRadar on a stream. "Nothing new to announce at this point, but it's absolutely not out of the bounds of reason. We developed the game on an Intel platform and it wouldn't be the hardest thing in the world to move it to PC and take advantage of PC stuff," the developer said.

He added that he didn't mind repeatedly being asked whether Halo 5 would be ported to Windows, even if he had no information to share. I wonder if that's because he's happy to continue stoking the fire: by continually taking the question, it keeps the prospect alive that Halo 5 might be ported.

O'Connor was certainly effusive enough about the possibility of a port and it's not very often you see developers talk about how easy it is to push a game onto another platform. It's certainly one of the major hopes for Windows 10 and the improvements that are being rolled out to the Xbox One: the thought that more and more games could come to PC in the future, games that would have otherwise seen lengthy delays, or not arrived at all.



    I think stoking the fire is good even if he has no news. Sure, no news sucks but getting people to talk about it and consumers to show increased interest in Halo PC versions could show Microsoft investers that this could be a potential market.

    PC gaming definitely needs better FPS games on it and I can only see the Halo brand benefiting from expanding into the PC platform

      I wouldn't mind the original trilogy + reach on pc

        only if they keep the splitscreen though - there are plenty of multiplayer shooters going unpurchased for my Steam Big Picture setup since it keeps getting removed from PC ports

    I would be interested if all the Halo games come to PC, i played 1 and 2 on the original Xbox but as i have never owned a 360 i haven't played the rest.

      2 has been the pinnacle of the franchise so far. 3 added vehicles, but that's not as great as it sounds and it feels weird in an Arena FPS. Reach has a good story and protagonists but it removes a lot of stuff, like dual-wielding. 4 has a boring campaign and mediocre multiplayer.

      5 look like it will be a return to form though.

    If it comes to PC. I will buy it. I have a no plans to buy an xbone, so its release on PC is not diluting the market as far as I'm concerned

    Well Halo Online is a thing, people have gone out of their way to play that.

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